Junebug dress mash up

You may or may not have seen the junebug dress by craftiness is not optional but I found a tutorial for a mash up version.

Her is the link: Sweet Tartan Dress. You get the june bug dress pattern for free in size 2/3T and a tutorial on how to adapt it to make these sweet dresses.

I needed ducky dresses for my dolls. I may as well say now you will start to see these girlies more and more for modeling girl clothes I make. Left to right is Maisie, Daisy and Dolly.


Using the tutorial I made them all the same but a little different. I love the matching look but not the identical look so this was my compromise to myself.

Now you may think they don’t look like age 2-3 size dolls so how did she make them so small. I know she must have bought the pattern. Well no I didn’t I reduced the pattern size and the result is smaller pattern perfect for various sizes. The same method would work for sizing up too.


Now you can find grading help online and in books on how to make patterns the size up and down but that doesn’t look that easy to me. I will add here that I do this because I don’t sell these items. If I was then I would buy the pattern even if I continued to use same method.

If you want to read on how to do this then read my previous blog Reducing Patterns.

Sorry for terrible photo of dresses but do you know how hard it is to find a place to hang 3 dresses to fit in one photo so they are close together! Difficult


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