Skittles from juice bottles

So my continuing bid to recycle my non recyclable waste set me to finding use for plastic bottles. These in picture are juice bottles I’ve collected the last few weeks & I decided a game of skittles was perfect choice for the collection of different bottles.


I filled each with various amounts of water to weight them. You could use stones or sand but I had none to hand & water is a bit cleaner.


I varied the amount so would all be weighted differently.

CIMG9686 CIMG9687

Here’s the set up


  CIMG9694 CIMG9693

can he do it…


… whoo well done Big Critter.


Setting up for me now.


You can stick stickers to them or tie ribbon on to make them different points & play competitive matches. We chose to just play can you knock them down free & easy fun.


Home made beauty

Over at Cavern of Craftiness blog Sammy challenged a few of us to try home made beauty recipes.

I opted to try (ok well I opted Daddy Critter to try) deodorant  hair treatment & foot treatment for cracked heels.

First deodorant. I mixed equal parts of cornflour & baking powder. I gradually added coconut oil till it went to a smooth paste. 


The coconut oil comes solid so will have to melt a little. I just popped it in a cup in a bowl of hot water.


Its hard to describe the texture but will be almost like a dry paste that’s very matt & smooth looking.


Daddy Critter rides a bike a lot (pedal kind)  & tested this over 2 days. He favours the use of natural products & has reported them to be a little useless unless reapplied numerous times which isn’t always that easy.

You can put this in an old wind up deodorant ‘case’ for ease of use which means great recycling opportunity.

His verdict of this? worked fab!! Lot less sweat & smells & feel so much nicer. We added couple drops of tea tree oil & he much preferred the smell as a lot of natural are scentless or very mild.

The hair treatment I tried was olive oil. It is meant to help make hair super shiney so was excited to try. At this point I totally forgot to do before picture so here is an old photo taken next to a bright window to show you how my hair normally looks. This was also after a dye job so was a bit shiny from that.


I applied this to me hair prior to a shower. After 20 minutes I washed it off. It was super easy to wash out & also helps work for cradle cap leaving Baby Critters hair super soft.  This is after its brushed but still wet.


This is dried


This is straightened.


This is with hair product added.


As you can see by last picture my hair has a certain shine to it compared to other pictures. My hair that day was a lot more manageable & soft but it lacked body. I wouldn’t say was limp but was definitely less full as usual.

It stayed that way the following day also & had no grease issue. The shine factor for me failed. I would use again to keep my hair under control but not for shine.

For future tests it would be worth trying the oil warmed up, used overnight, used on clean hair & rewashed & even trying different oils.

I suffer a lot with cracked heels. I dislike socks so believe this doesn’t help. I looked after my feet but the cracks appear so quickly & so dramatically its difficult.

It was suggested I try mashed up banana but I decided to avoid that option & sought my own.

First I tried coconut oil for 2 days, my feet were same.

My next option was lemon sugar scrub. Smell is lush to start with. 

Its 2 cups of sugar mixed with 1/4 cup of olive oil, recipe said almond or coconut but I used olive oil. I also added a squeeze of lemon juice but you can use essential oil if prefer.


I resembled slighlty wet fluffy snow without being oily or sticky from either main ingredient. I tested it on my hand to start with just to check consistency was right.


Don’t rub too hard cos this is tough stuff but works wonderfully. Left us all with lovely soft skin & not a hint of stickiness you can store in air tight container.


Victoria Sponge

I made this other day & had to share because it was SOOO yum! My cake making tastes good looks rubbish you’ve been warned.

Preheat oven 190/fan 170/GM5*


200 g caster sugar

200 g softened butter

200 g self raising flour*

4 eggs

1 teaspoon baking powder*

2 tablespoon milk*


100g butter

340 g jam

140 g icing sugar

Mix cakes ingredients all together. To reduce lumps sieve the flour & pre softened the butter.

Grease 2 sandwich tins or 1 bigger cake tin line with greaseproof paper & grease that. Bake for 20 minutes. I personally found it took 40 minutes & had to cover with foil to stop top burning.

Whilst that is cooking beat the icing sugar & butter together for filling.


If you used 2 tins skip this step. Once cake is cooked & cooled slice in half, easiest way is to hold top firm & slice through.

Smother in the butter icing & top with jam, replace top & dust with icing sugar.


Now this bit requires lot of attention but is easiest part….. EAT CAKE!!!

Photo0470 Photo0469   

*These are common acronyms you may find on your recipe travels:

self raising – SF

tablespoon – tbsp

teaspoon – tsp

gas mark – GM



Tissue box cover

In a bid to use my non recyclable waste I’m going to make a tissue box cover. This way I can reuse the box & just refill.

You will need:

Your usual cardboard tissue box (preferably unopened)





sewing machine




I measured my box of tissues height, width & depth. I then removed the centre & traced round it. This is centred exactly so no need to measure the position.

CIMG9561 CIMG9562

Once I’d drawn out the pattern I drew the cut out on. To do this fold your top piece in half & half again to find centre, do same for the oval cut out. Match the centres up & draw. When you cut it out leave 1 cm extra, this will be your seam allowance.


Unfortunately at this point my memory card failed, I wasn’t aware of this issue so got no back up pictures. From this point will have to be text explanation.

Sew short sides to long sides using 1 cm seam until you have a ‘ring’

Next sew your top on, match up corners starting 1 cm from top edge sew using 1 cm seam to 1 cm above bottom edge. Remove from machine & align the next sides corners. Start sewing from the last stitch by time finished it will be on perfectly with no bulky corners.

Repeat for inside.

Put the top of the cover right side to right side & sew round cut out using 1 cm seam. You should clip the curves or you can trim the seam allowance to about 3 mm. turn out the right way & top stitch.

Now align the seams along bottom & turn both layer inside 1 cm & top stitch the base.


You now have a beautiful reversible tissue box cover.

  CIMG9670 CIMG9671