Soft Play Cube – Tutorial

I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided it was so cute I wanted to make one as well so here goes.

The starting size of your squares will determine how big the cube is I cut my squares out 6×6 inch which resulted in a large cube so would recommend \4 inches if want it smaller. You will need 6 squares of various fabrics-

I used cotton, baby cord, Sherpa fleece, polar fleece and sweatshirt fabric for mine. All soft and with a couple different textures.

First decide on your layout and any extras you wish to add on and where they may go. I added colourful ribbon and a teething ring. I chose to add the ring on 2 sides so he can be lifted away from the cube without dangling too much. You could attach with one for same effect or two either side so it sits tighter to your toy.

  1. Start with your 3 middle squares (see 5 for final layout) and sew them together with 1 cm seam allowance
  2. I wanted to add lace to a square so I pinned it on and joined bottom two squares
  3. I then added them onto the middle square from step one. When joining be sure to have your seams open it creates better corners and less bulk
  4. Sew up your ears if adding them and sandwich between the layout you’ve sewn up already and the final square which is sewn onto top.
  5. Final layout. started with horse, mint and star squares, joined spotty and floral together then added to bottom of mint and finally ears with fluffy pink at very top
  6. I decided to add a face to mine as it’s a bunny. I hand embroidered but you can draw on with fabric pens, iron vinyl on or maybe you’ve an embroidery machine.

7. You will slowly join all your squares up to form a cube with a lid. Do this by folding up the 3 starter squares and joining to the spotty square, then add the floral one to the mix and you form a box.

8. To complete the final square pin all the sides in place. Starting at green square you will sew down to purple but leave 1 cm. With needle down lift up machine foot and pivot. Sew to blue and repeat pivoting. Sew about an inch in and back stitch. Leaving a gap rejoin about another inch away and continue to red square.

Turn out and stuff well then close up with hand stitches.

9. When sewing your squares together be sure the rest of the cube is out of the way of the needle so you don’t sew bits together or create unnecessary bulk.

You have your own cube toy. It isn’t an easy project joining squares to be 3d but it is fun. I also make this teething toy using velour and towelling. Just click the picture for the link to the tutorial by Willow and Stitch


We’re Going on a Bear Hunt- story spoons and cave

I saw this idea on Pinterest but wanted to make it my own so here is my tutorial. You will need various bits of scrap felt or other non fraying fabric plus some wooden spoons. I got mine from a local pound shop.


  1. Cut long triangle pieces from green. You can use various shades if wish.
  2. I cut some slightly wider and used these as my base to cover the spoon
  3. Keep layering more around sides protruding slighting onto handle
  4. Finish off with some longer ones in middle and cover base of grass with a piece of ribbon or fabric strip.


  1. 1.Cut out 5 circles from brown approx. 6 cm across.
  2. Sew a running stitch around the edge of the circle
  3. Pull tight and stuff. Secure thread so doesn’t loosen
  4. Flatten the ball you just made and stick all onto the spoon.


  1. Cut out wavy strips of blue felt and stick onto your spoon as a base layer
  2. Cut out various bits of ribbon and stick on one end so they wave around. Seal ends with a lighter so they don’t unravel
  3. Cut out some thinner felt pieces and stick on at 3 points so they are slightly raised and more wave like.


  1. Stick blue or white ribbon at various angles onto your spoon leaving at least 6 inches. Leave to dry ensuring ends are sealed with a lighter.
  2. Stick white polystyrene balls all over and leave to dry. You will need strong glue to do this.
  3. For the twigs cut a rectangle out approx length of the spoon and 3 cm wide. Fold in 1 cm and fold other side in and glue down.
  4. Make various colours and glue onto the spoon. Make small leaves and glue on.


  1. Cut out cardboard and 2 pieces of felt in desired cave floor shape. You will glue the cardboard onto both pieces
  2. Lift up edges and glue down smoothing edges so cardboard is enclosed. Trim.
  3. Cut out a bigger piece of felt that is same length as cave but wider. How wide you cut it depends on how tall you wish your cave to be, You will create folds at the back which will help shape it.
  4. Put glue along back of cave floor and glue folded edge of cave down
  5. Place glue up one side of the cave floor and stick down. Now do same for other side.
  6. Trim the edges and round corners.


Find a template you like either online or draw your own. You could even enlarge my picture and draw round it. Cut 2 shapes out of felt. Using blanket stitch start attaching them at the edge.

Keep going till nearly finished and stuff. This is the best time to sew any features on so can hide any stitching and knots inside, then finish sewing up. Glue on eyes, ears and a belly.

Mine is designed to fit in my cave but you can make yours bigger or smaller.

Now wave your swirly snowstorm about, prod your squelchy mud and flap your swishy grass to tell the story of when you found……

   ….. A BEAR!!!!


Bed pocket tidies

I’ve been slacking a little lately with blogs. I’ve been so busy I’ve really been making much and I keep forgetting to post. One reason I’ve been busy is moving my kids around. My biggest kid needs his own room and littlest kid needs a new bed so we’re shuffling about meaning they all need a handy bed tidy and this is the perfect project to use my Aldi Harry Potter fabrics for.

1.First up you need pattern pieces you will need 2 of each:  main pieces 27 x 34 cm, book pocket (middle red fabric in pic 1) 20x34cm, front pockets 12 x 34cm and 6 strap pieces 36 x 8 cm.

2. Place both pieces of book pocket and front pockets with pattern sides facing and sew along the top edge. With the straps place them pattern sides facing but will be sewing 3 of the sides ( both long edges and one short). The unfinished edge will be tucking in to the book tidy so if you’re bother about pattern direction ensure its goin up from the unsewn edge.

3. Open each piece out and iron the seam flat. Fold back over so the pattern is now showing and iron again to flatten,

4. Place front pockets on top of book pocket and find the centre. Sew through the centre on top of front pocket to create 2 smaller ones.

5. Once you’ve turned out and ironed the straps  place them pattern side down onto front main section piece. I place 2 outer ones 2.5 cm in and the middle was lined up with the centre. Place the back main piece on top and sew across the top. Repeat step 3 and iron it open.

6. Place the sewn book and front pocket piece pattern side down on the back piece. Keeping straps out of the way of seams place the front piece down and pin in place. Sew around all sides ensuring you’ve sewn the sides of the pockets in place. Leave a gap for turning and turn out then top stitch.

7. Cut out 3 lots of Velcro and place as shown in picture. One should be hook one should be loop on each strap. Sew in place.

Originally I wanted 2 smaller pockets for the book section but I also decided to do a bigger pocket version for my toddler because toddler books are never small. The small front pockets are great for cars, lego figures, mini torches, lip balm even tissues and trinkets.

Due to the fact I didn’t interface my fabrics the book pocket does gape a little but doesn’t affect use at all. Now to make 2 more and see whether I can perfect the design or not.

Free pattern round-up

I thought today I would share a round up of my free patterns I have available! Theres a few more than shown here so why not check my ravelry link out and explore

Bonnet with mitts

Road Blanket


Water Bomb Balloon

Pink Dreamcatcher  includes a white one also

Storage bowls

Hot Water Bottle Cover

Fox Dreamcatcher

Triceratops head


Granny Square Hot Water Bottle

Theres also mug coseys, doll clothing and a baby capelet why not check them out



Water Bomb Balloons- crochet pattern

The new craze at moment seems to be these crocheted water balloons. The special baby/blanket yarn which is classes as super bulky yarn and has a soft chenille type feel to it holds water like no other yarn perfect for throwing at your victim or just splatting them around the place.

They are great to have at home in the garden, take to a pool party, take along to the beach and get someone unsuspecting with them or you could make them as a fun gift that will last! They are eco- friendly, latex free and reuseable for years and year. You can wash them in the machine when they get dirty too.

Best bit??? It’s a free pattern just check it out on Ravelry.

Check out my Facebook page for a video showing how much these hold and how fab they splat.

Alternatively you can buy them on my Etsy page

Soother Clips

We lose so many of this damn things it drives me crazy so I decided to make a rainbow set and use different clips. My last lot kept pinging off due to way they were designed so you may have a soother clip but no actual clip attached!

You’ll need clips mine are 25mm wide, lengths of ribbon the same width, lighter, ruler and some snaps. (1) Mine were around 35cm long.

Start off by sealing one end of your ribbon with the lighter and placing through the clip so it goes towards the back (2). Once through fold over the raw edge and pin in place just above the clip so that edge is hidden (4). Now measure from the folded edge to 22cm along then add enough extra so it will go through a dummy and clip in place. I like to fold the edge under so may need an extra 1-2 cm for this aswell. You will be folding at the 22cm mark and pin in place where you want your snaps to meet.

Using a triple stitch – number 17 (6) stitch down the clip end of the ribbon. (5) If you don’t wish to sew you can attach a snap here to join this section with smooth side facing up.

On other end go through all 3 layers or 2 if you’re not folding it under with an awl. This is where your snaps will go. (7) Place your snap through so the working side is on same side as fold and neater smoother side is facing out. (8) Place the opposite side into other hole again so the working side is facing same way as other one or they wont meet.

You’re done! Why 22cm though? well this is the maximum legal length a soother clip can be before its deemed a strangulation risk. Of course it is your choice but please only use when supervised and be aware of the dangers. These are also not designed to be used when sleeping

Clips were bought here. Various ribbons were bought on eBay just search for grosgrain ribbon.

Triceraptop Head Mount Pattern- Crochet

Bit late posting my blog today but I’ve been experimenting with whether theres more traffic if I post different times.

Today is a free crochet pattern for a triceratops taxidermy style head. This one is done in quite funky colours so its more fun than real. You can now make your own by logging into Ravelry and downloading : Triceratops Head

Alternatively you could buy the completed item by buying here

Although this pattern is free if you feel like supporting me you can buy the PDF file on Etsy