Last Minute Halloween Decorations round up

Halloween is tomorrow and sometimes you just don’t feel you have enough or maybe it’s the first time you felt like decorating well here’s some simple, fun and cheap ideas for you to do before trick or treating time.

  1. Monster Doors– Easy to do using binbags, paper plates, paper, craft foam and coloured tape
  2. Creepy eyes in the bushes– using glow sticks, paint and toilet paper tubes
  3. Creepy eye wreath- you will need to buy ping pong balls and eyes but maybe you could get creative with other round objects (cotton wool maybe)
  4. Spider Webs from bin bags
  5. Mummy candle jars– I made these and I love them. you could also use masking tape. You can also use tissue paper glued on with pva to create mummies or ghosts, orange to create pumpkins, green to create monsters, red for blood dripping, black for bats or combination to make mini scenes.
  6. Milk Jug Ghosts– you could get away with no lighting inside if had nothing to pop in but pound shops have glow sticks.
  7. Spooky Hanging ghost– with balloons and material you could also use white bin bags for cheaper option
  8. Glow stick ideas– great for kids
  9. Cup garland
  10. Hanging bats– great for inside and out
  11. Pebble Monsters– ok probably not a day before activity but if you do have stones you can paint this is great
  12. Spider paper lantern- if you’ve no lantern you could paper over a balloon to create the body.
  13. Bin bag spooky curtain and cardboard window silhouettes
  14. Paper Pumpkins- great for smaller kids
  15. Trash bag fun

Other ideas:

  • buy spiders from pound shop to hang anywhere you want to dangle down, crawl on the walls.
  • paper chain skulls, pumpkins or bats
  • pipe cleaners to make spiders
  • last but not least pumpkins! Then make some yummy soup after

Hope you’ll show us what you made!




Pumpkin Carving

This is Little Critters first pumpkin carving! Previous years he’s just been a little too young but this year I trusted him with a knife! ok I held it and pretended he did all the work but he did great job scooping out the goo and he designed all the shapes. It was a great opportunity to teach shapes too.

This is also the first year me and Daddy didn’t get a go. These where all the kids hard work with just our adult assistance.

We saved lots of pumpkin to eat too.

Big Critter doesn’t like posing but he was enjoying himself I promise! Every picture lately looks like we’re forcing him to look happy hehe.

image image

So proud. Which one is which?


image image

Slightly mad looking Daddy in back there wielding a knife. Just bad timing on my part no children were harmed. image

The best kind of shot. Unaware, busy and cute concentration faces.


Let’s see your pumpkins? Any fancy ones out there untouched by clammy uncoordinated hands.


How to Sell your Goods

As a buyer I see things that I will say put me off so as a buyer and potential customer I want to tell you what I personally look for.

Clear photos: If I can’t see it I won’t pay for it

Prices: If I have to wait to ask you how much it is and someone else makes it chances are they will reply first

Pictures: Nothing worse than a seller trying to send you items or worse get you to pay with no pictures of products first.

Get payment up front: If someone wants a quote they can’t pay yet if the buyer says they wish to order it means they have the money now. If you make then ask for payment we can’t guarantee we can afford that day and it may keep getting pushed further and further back

Get ALL details: Sometimes life gets in the way. Devices break, internet goes down, life is too busy to be fussed with facebook, stress causes us to even forget we ordered off you so get all the details you need including contact details and an address. If you can’t get in touch send anyway we still want it.

Send recorded: I’ve seen too many seller being taken advantage of simply because they’ve no proof of postage and delivery through a tracking number and signature on receipt.

Be friendly and patient: We’re all still human after all and we know you are a human too often working alone you can be professional and friendly at the same time. If we say we want prices and say we will pay on a certain date then can’t please don’t brand us time wasters life happens, bills happen and gifts are the thing that are sacrificed first.

Get to know your fellow crafters: Including those who do same. If you can’t do our order for any reason but know someone who can we will really appreciate your help and your fellow crafters may just do same when they can’t. Just because you do similar doesn’t mean you do the same.

Keep us updated: Nothing worse than not knowing what’s going on and delaying asking you because we don’t want to get in the way. Other buyers may say let them work you will only make it take longer if you keep messaging so let us know what’s going on with our order or update your page with whose orders you are doing so we know you’ve not started ours yet.

Give us details: When we pay let us know how long you think it may be. Be honest and if we say nothing double check it’s not for a special date you may not be able to fulfil. If we don’t know we can’t be patient enough.

Let us know when you’ve sent: So we can let you know if it comes or if it doesn’t. We may wait longer than seems normal if we don’t know when it was meant to come so follow up with all your orders. This can be hard when busy but it’s important to do so.

Most important of all. Keep going.


Making Doll Bouncer and Play nest

Following how to make this pink gingham dress. I thought I’d show you two more experimental miniature items.


To access the tutorial click the picture to be magically transported to my Dolly’s Girly World blog to view the how to.

Dolls Bouncer Seat


Dolls Play nest made from a sweet tub.


I’d love to hear your suggestions on what mini item to make next or ideas on how I can improve what I’ve made to help my readers out.


Making teeny clothes

I’ve recently got a 7 inch clay doll so I set to making her some dresses. These dresses are about 5-6 inches from neck to hem so pretty small and I know I was daunted by the size. I also have noticed that many clothes in this size are stretchy material or crocheted and knitted. So I tackled cotton and fully machine sewed it too.

I probably wouldn’t attempt smaller on the machine but here’s my how to.

When you decide on a pattern and reduce it using my handy guide you should have 2 fronts and 4 backs plus a skirt that should be the length from your dolls waist to knees (or longer if want it to be ) plus 1 cm for joining to bodice and another 1-2 cm for hemming.  The skirt should be at least 2 times the waist measurement plus 2cm for the back seam as this will be kept open.

The key to dressing small and especially rigid dolls like a clay doll is open back clothes.

Anyway back to sewing you need to attach 2 backs to a front at the shoulders. Make sure the straight edges of back face each other and repeat for other pieces.

image image

You will now have 2 bodices unsewn at the side. Lay them right sides together and sew where lines indicate: along back opening and neck. Turn right way out and top stitch neck. As you have such a tiny seam allowance and it’s a curve I chose to top stitch to strengthen it and prevent fraying.

admin-ajax  image

Now onto sleeves you can always double hem this but I zigzag stitch the straight edge, turn up and sew in place. That’s your sleeve hemmed. It’s much easier to do flat.


Find the centre by folding and pressing with your finger then match this to the shoulder seam on the outside of bodice. Pin in place, it will curve slightly as you pin. Sew and zigzag stitch over to strengthen.


Now once both sleeves you need to match the seam (yellow pin) and line up sleeve hem and sew where line indicates. Once sewn I find it useful to clip the cuff seam at a slight angle. I find if I don’t when I turn the sleeve out the seam can tend to peep out sometimes. Doing them then zigzagging or serging helps stop that and makes doing sleeves this flatter way just as neat.

admin-ajax (1)image

Nearly there. Next job is the skirt. after zigzag stitching 3 sides (one long & two short) I turned the long edge up then the short ones. Similar to the sleeve I find this neater as nothing feels the need to poke out. Sew in place.


You will need to gather your skirt now using your preferred method. I tend to hand sew this no matter the size of doll as I just find it quicker for me. Pull to size and attach right side of skirt to right side of bodice. Sew and zigzag over edge to complete. Finally add a fastening by the neck. You could brave tiny buttons but small strips of velcro or a hand sewn popper/snap are best.


Hope you liked this tutorial. The best bit I love about doll clothes especially this size is you can use tiny scraps of material and most doll clothes you can make with a FQ as your biggest piece. Perfect!

The red dress was done using same pattern as this dress but I chose to  add extra to middle of sleeve and elasticate the cuffs.



30 days of blogs BONUS!

I decided I wanted to do one more after seeing my friend over at Natalie Inkpin doing some I wish I added so here’s my bonus blog!

Random word generator: 1-Fullscreen capture 15102015 142814

We have traditions such as every christmas we buy the kids xmas pjs to wear to bed so they can open their presents in morning in christmas wear. We sing all our babies in the womb and after birth Twinkle Twinkle. We have croissants for breakfast every weekend.

Dream Job: I wanted a midwife once then a doula. I would still love to do this but the actual process isn’t something I can manage right now. Maybe one day…

Favourite words: Occur. I’ve always loved this word and you will likely frown but because it’s very round. Lovely curvy letters.

Special Memories of my kids: When my second was born he opened his eyes and stared at everyone and the room with very knowing eyes. The moment my boys saw their sister and said how cute she was, the first time they both said Mummy ( around 18 months little monkeys kept me waiting) and the first time they said I love you. The day my eldest said I will give you my last sweet because I love these sweets but I love you more (melted heart!). The day my eldest said he loved me because I always help him and I’m nice. I feared all I was good for was cooking disgusting vegetables.

Favourite films: Resident Evil, Fifth Element, Pirates of the Caribbean and Lion King.

Hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me a little more now back to the less frequent tutorials where I can breath in between hehe.


30 days of blogs challenge: What I would buy with a million pounds

This is my last blog of the 30 day blog challenge and what an epic task it was! I had a few unexpected days break from it but I actually found it very hard and don’t feel it’s my usual style of writing (short and picture free). It has been fun and I’ve saved the best till last.

What wouldn’t you do with a million! To be fair these days you need about 10 million to be comfortable but I’m not greedy so I would buy:

  • decent car that won’t require hundreds of repairs
  • small modest house just big enough for us all (if I had 10 million I’d have a mansion)
  • bulldog puppy (I know I know shouldn’t buy puppies but I want one)
  • a new couch (ours is just horrible but comfy)
  • a new tv ( ours is tiny and my eyesight can’t cope)
  • a nice holiday maybe a month long backpacking or travelling in semi luxury.

Usual boring things people always want but it would be great to not worry about housing and have travel to go explore Britain more easily.