Cardboard and felt top hat – tutorial

It’s been so long since I posted!! Summer holidays hit me along with illness and my life hasn’t overly been back to normal since. I’ve mostly made bobbles, butterflies and clothes so had nothing exciting to post until today.

I had all kinds of plans to add some extra tutorials for hand sewing and crochet but those will have to wait I’m afraid however I will promise to do better so why not set me a challenge in the comment box and give me some inspiration.

You need to decide on width of the brim you want mine is about 12cm. From this you need a large circle (blue) with a hole cut out middle. The hole in middle is width of your top section and you’ll need another circle for that too (cream).

From there you work out the circumference by doing diameter of circle x pi (3.14).

In conclusion:

  • 1 x 12 cm diameter circle with 6 cm diameter circle cut out middle
  • 1 x 6cm diameter circle
  • 1 x rectangle 19-20 cm long and 8 cm height

On the rectangle you will need to mark 1 cm from top and bottom then cut at regular intervals along. snip every other tab off to create alternate tabs on both top and bottom as shown. You will need to bend these one way initially.

Glue all sections onto black felt but fold the tabs up so they aren’t stuck down

On the rectangle you will need to over cut the felt so it can be overlapped. My circumference was around 18.6 cm so you will need that plus whatever amount you want to over lap so around 1cm then the excess felt after that. Fold that tab under and glue down. When cutting both the circles out ensure you leave around 1cm extra for gluing down.

The outer edge you can fold and glue but the inner you will need to cut at internals and stick each one down for it to stretch.

For your rectangle you will need one set of tabs to fold in and the other set to fold out. Put glue on the set that fold in and place your small circle on top making sure all tabs are pressed down

Next step is to place the tabs pointing out through the hole of large circle (blue) so the black felt is showing on top. Then glue the tabs underneath (sorry I’ve no pictures of these step). Once that is down glue all around the underneath nearly to the edge but leaving few mm gap and place on grey felt.

Once cry you cut around just inside.

I chose to decorate mine so I glued ribbon to the back of the hat and regular intervals along securing along base of tall section. I then added a small flower to fit my theme.

Here is the completed item! A funky Halloween wreath made with cheap skull and hands from eBay and felt flowers for the rest.

Free pattern round-up

I thought today I would share a round up of my free patterns I have available! Theres a few more than shown here so why not check my ravelry link out and explore

Bonnet with mitts

Road Blanket


Water Bomb Balloon

Pink Dreamcatcher  includes a white one also

Storage bowls

Hot Water Bottle Cover

Fox Dreamcatcher

Triceratops head


Granny Square Hot Water Bottle

Theres also mug coseys, doll clothing and a baby capelet why not check them out



Decorative Candles

Funny story my partner bought these candles thinking they would smell nice and they smell of nothing but wax so rather than feel they’re wasted I decided to decorate them so they can be gifted instead.

I chose 3 methods but only ended up doing 2 types. Grab yourself a plain candle they can be any colour but white is best, napkins with a nice print on, dried flowers and a pen or two.

I started off with the napkin simple peel layers so you’ve only the top layer of the tissue. place it print side down. Place greaseproof paper on top and heat. This is same method you will use for the pen but you will draw your design onto the paper before placing on the candle and heating.

Youre aiming for the design to go darker, wetter. This means the wax has melted through it and you can take the paper off to reveal your design. I found the pen did work but my pen wasn’t very good and it ran.

The flowers work a little differently I did try with the greaseproof paper but it made the colour in the flower run. The best method is to heat the inside of a spoon over a candle or other method to heat it through. then place the back of the spoon over your design gently to melt the wax make it stick down and coat the flower a little. You need to heat one side because your spoon will go black and then be transferred over.

You have to be gentle you don’t pull any petals off or burn your petals. I found coloured flowers best as white ones would sink into the wax a little and the design gets lost.

Here’s the finished result:


I’ve been a little missing this week and therefore missed Tuesdays blog due to ill health.

After sharing my Fox ‘Dreamcatcher’  a popular page shared it and this didn’t go down well. It was then shared on by someone who feels very strongly about Cultural Appropriation which I understand is respecting someone’s culture and not undermining it such as making cutesy dreamcatchers that aren’t even dreamcatchers and saying they are.

click for the link (text is wrong)

However it turned a little nasty and made me wonder why I bother. It was a gang up on me and my work and it lost its message. Calling my work nightmare inducing and no more than a cat toy doesn’t teach anyone about why it may (or may not) be offensive to make dreamcatchers and call them that.

As I understood the main issue is many makers and buyers see them as trinket and don’t appreciate the history and meaning behind them. The problem is the one person they chose to pick on is me and I have always loved the meaning of them, what they were designed for, why and how. I like them because of what they are not and I just so happened to also like how they look plus I enjoy making them.

You can make you’re own mind up by researching here’s a link to start you off.

So without further a do lets make some hoop decorations!

  • You will need some metal hoops – these are sold as dreamcatcher hoops and come in various sizes. I used 5 inch for the rainbow, pink and fox and 3 inch for the white.
  • DK yarn for pink, 4 ply for white and rainbow.
  • feather to compliment your yarn
  • 3mm hook for the pink, 2mm hook for the white and rainbow
  • pony beads in various colours
  • needle for weaving in ends

You can download the pattern for the white and pink ones on Ravelry

The rainbow hoop is my work but not my design you can create it by following the Dream Catcher afghan square up to round 5 or 6,depending on your tension, 2mm hook and 4 ply yarn.

Alternatively you can buy them on Etsy just click the top picture.


Hair Bow Hoop Holder

After making my earring hoop holder from a hoop I had the idea of a Hair Bow holder.

You will need a big hoop (depends on how big you want, mine is 12″, approx 1-2 metres of grosgrain ribbon, a lighter, strong glue, ruler and scissors.

First up take the outside hoop off we will only be working with inner hoop for now. Measure about 6 cm from one outside edge and cut slightly longer than need.

Glue on end so it is flush with hoop but ribbon sits straight, this may end up on an angle.

The middle ribbon is approx. 5 cm from the outer ribbon and then position last ribbon in same manner. You may wish to hold them with clamps till slightly tacky.

Replace the outer hoop and tighten. Leaving the glue tacky will allow any transfer to outer hoop and help it hold.

Trim ribbon so it’s as flush to hoop as you can manage then using lighter seal the ends of the ribbon. This will stop it fraying.

Your bow holder is done! It is such a quick but effective project. I chose to use thick ribbon partly as I loved the rainbow. You could use thinner ribbon and add more lengths or leave some dangling underneath to increase how much your hoop can hold.

Depending on what bows you use thinner ribbon may sag so wider ribbon is best. You can use other ribbons but grosgrain is less lightly to pull, fray and be affected by clips. Mine holds 30 small to medium clips/bows. #

Fox Dreamcatcher

I love making dream catchers and decided to make an animal version. It’s less of a dream catcher in a way as the circle section is solid however it does have the usual strings with beads and feathers. These are placed to look like the foxes tail.

You will need: 5 inch dream catcher ring, orange and white yarn, beads and feathers as well as black yarn and memory wire. There is a   chart for you but I will be writing out in full detail how to make it if that makes no sense to you.

Yarn: 8 ply / dk

Hook: 2.5 mm

Pattern notes: Gauge: each dc needs to be 1 cm. American Crochet terms used. Starting chains are NOT counted as a stitch. Colour A is Orange and Colour B is white.  Stitches in brackets are repeats.

  1. With colour A create a magic circle and chain 2,  12 dc in middle. Join to first dc with a sl st
  2. Chain 2, colour a: 2 dc in next 4,colour B: 2 dc in next 3. Colour A: 2 dc in next 2, colour B: 2 dc in remaining 3. Sl st to first dc whilst rejoining colour A.
  3. Colour A: (1dc, 2dc) x4, colour B: (1dc, 2dc) x 3, 1dc, 1dc, colour A: dc in same stitch as previous dc and dc in next stitch, colour B: 2dc in next (1dc, 2dc) x 3.Sl st to first dc whilst rejoining colour A
  4. Colour A: 1dc , (2dc, dc in 2) x 3, 2dc in next , dc. Colour B dc, (2 dc, dc in 2) x3, 2dc, Colour A: dc in 2 (these should be directly in previous rows orange dc). Colour B (2dc, dc in 2) x3, 2dc, dc. Sl st to first dc whilst rejoining colour A
  5. Colour A: (dc in 3, 2dc ) x4. Colour B :(dc in 3, 2dc) x3, dc in next 4. Colour A: dc, Colour B: (dc in 3, 2dc) x4. Sl st to first dc whilst rejoining colour A
  6. Colour A: dc in next 2, (2dc, dc in 4) X3, 2dc, dc in next 2. COlour B: dc in 2, (2dc, dc in 4) x3, 2dc, dc. Colour A: dc in previous row orange stitch). Colour B: dc in 2, (2dc, dc in 4) x3, 2dc, dc in 2. Sl st to first dc and fasten off.
    ** see end for how to join your new colour each time.


With Black:
1. Chain 2, 2sc in first chain. Turn
2. sc in each stitch (4). Turn
3. 2sc in first, sc in 2, 2sc in end. Turn (6)
4. sc in each stitch. Turn (6)
5. 2sc in first, sc in 4, 2sc in end. sl st sround nose then fasten off and weave in ends. Attach to face at bottom of orange point.


1.  Create an mc, 4sc in middle.
2. 2sc in each, sl st first first st. Fasten off and weave in ends.
3. Attach to face as per picture.
You will now attach the whole thing to the ring by simply stitching it on: needle through fox over top of ring and back through the fox.


Make 2-
With Colour A:
1. chain 10, dc in 3rd stitch and each to end. Turn
2. chain 2, sk1, sc2tog, dc in 3, dc2tog. Turn
3. Chain 2, sk1 dc2tog, dc, dc2tog (use previous chain 2 to complete this stitch. Turn
4. Chain 2, dc3tog, sl st at top. Fasten off yarn and weave in ends.
5. Cut memory wire to size to fit from starting colour up one side to top and back down. Hold against ear. Sl st in starting chain and sc around ear (2sc per row), 2 sc in top and sc back down securing wire as you go.
With colour B:
6. Chain 7, dc in 3rd chain and next 4. Turn
7. Chain 2, dc2tog, dc, dc2tog. Turn
8.Chain 2, dc3tg, sl st in top. Cut off yarn and weave in ends
9. Rejoin in starting chain and sl st (2 per row) around putting 2 in top.
10. Sew the white onto the orange being careful to only use top of stitches so the stitching dosen’t show at back of ear. Alternatively you could glue it down.

To attach they will position to edge of the ear is flush with the orange on the fox forehead. You can wrap the wire round then stitch it onto the ring or you can cut the wires short and sew on. Be aware the wire is sharp and a blob of glue at end is great way to make it safer.

Strings and feathers

Create all in orange. 2x 42 chain, 2 x 50 chain, 1 x 55 chain.
Add 3 orange beads to each string. On the shorter 2 add 3 orange feathers to each, 50 chain add 3 white to each and same on 55 chain.

You can attach them by simply tying them on making sure its neat and secure then pushing the beads down over stem of feather hiding the knot.

Join the longest by tying onto the ring just under the single orange stitch (under nose). Attach the 50 chain strings either side. Attach the 2 orange feather strings in same bit as previous 2 but position so they end up on top. You may need to fiddle with the length to ensure the whites poke out bottom and orange overlaps slightly to create a bushy fox tail.

Weave ends into the back of the fox ensuring nothing is showing.

Joining yarn when you are changing a lot and want to eliminate ends and obvious joins:


Unicorn Pom-pom

I just love pompoms and the versatility of them.

I made a similar pompom ages ago for …. can you guess??… yes a swap haha I just love them.

First up you’ll need to create your pom pom. I use the one that separate in two arches so I have included an image of how to place yarn to create the effect above. This works fine for circular pompom makers also.

Once you’ve tidied up your pom pom you will need to finish it off. I cut a curved corner from some glitter felt and cut that in half. Then rolled it up to form the horn.

You will need to crochet two ears also of you could cut them felt if you prefer*

Once made fold them in half so the outer edges meet (blue arrows) then place a stitch around the back (white dot and line). This helps scrunch the ear up to make it look more realistic.

Separate the hair to glue the horn on you can then shuffle the strands back over to hide where it was joined, do the same for the ears.

Add two little circles for the nostril holes and a ribbon for the top to hang.

You’re done! Of course you can buy them from me instead over on Etsy


Chain 2, sc in first chain twice (2)

chain 1, 2 sc in each stitch (4)

Chain 1, 2 sc in first stitch, sc in next 2, 2 sc in end stitch (6)

Chain 1, 2 sc in first stitch, sc in 4 and 2 sc in end stitch (8)

sc in each stitch (2 rows)

Weave in ends.