Weekend fun

This weekend we got up to all sorts!

We had a guest for lunch so whilst I cleaned the playdough was out.

Daddy Critter made a Chinese Buddha.

1000097_10151671809919911_1817003994_n 1000194_10151671810029911_1817634936_n  

Big Critter made sausage rolls..


…& other food! Chips I think


Baby Critter wasn’t impressed at not being allowed to play.

Next we needed to go shopping for food ( it was late lunch so there was time)

So post bag was packed with Pappi


This is Pappi & Big Critter. Pappi (pap-ee) has been with us since Big Critter was 12 months old hes now 5 & a half. He’e very loved & comes on all sorts of adventures.


Once we were home it was time to throw bouncy ball up the stairs & catch it whilst mummy cooked!


Today being Sunday we’re just relaxing watching Tv whilst mummy crafts & the baby sleeps. Bliss



Me&i Review

So I had the fantastic opportunity to test & review a me&i top for Baby Critter!

Heres Me&i’s description:

Swedish design for cool kids 
We know that every child is unique, and we want to give them the chance to express it. With clothes from me&i they can do just that! Our clothes radiate quality, colour and playfulness with an excellent fit! 

me&i clothes are distinguished by:

  • high quality
  • wonderful colours 
  • cool prints
  • comfortable to wear
  • Swedish design
  • Öko-Tex
  • unisex 
  • playfulness in colours and design

I recieved a tunic in age 2-4 years when I was meant to get a body vest in 3-6 months. However, once they were alerted to this mistake they rectified with unbelievable speed was super impressed & Igot to keep the tunic which will make a nice t shirt for Baby Critter when he’s older.



First off the look of the vest was superb. Super bright colours for one. The quality of vest was different to anything weve ever owned it cvertainly feels it would stand up to lots of wear & tear.

Despite Baby Critter being 8 months old the 3-6 fit like a dream. Slightly snug on the arms but no issue with the fit at all. He’s slightly small for his age but grew out of shop bought 3-6 clothes about 4 weeks ago.

179727_10151671809174911_805791895_n 969855_10151671809259911_2011269250_n

The vest even scretched over our little cloth bum & had a cut that meant was perfect to wear with baby legs because they didn’t roll down like usual.

We got loads of comments about how funky & cute he looked in his smart new top & thankfully we had the perfect clothes to match!

1003875_10151671809354911_1122153807_n 1013088_10151671808979911_1142575392_n 1013815_10151671808724911_1689153706_n 1043862_10151671809069911_1686354379_n


Next came the wash test. As usual it got caked in all sorts of foods. It stated to be washed at 40 but itaccidentally found its way into a 60 pre wash with extra rinse cycle. Oops.


No fading, no tears, scretches or signs of it being washed at all! Hardly crumpled at all. 

CIMG0349 CIMG0350

So to summarise:

Brilliant & friendly customer service with speedy deliveries.

Excellent quality items with vivid bold designs that are unique & funky.

Made to last clothing that I foresee will last a long time before begins to wear out. Washes & wears well. Baby seemed comfortable & happy in his mushroom top.

I want to thank Me&i for this opportunity & after my freebie I can safely say I’ll be buying again. Quality like this doesn’t come around often .

If you wish to buy from Me&i they have a website! However they take a short summer break every year to update their stock. If you wish to see their Autumn 2013 collection you only have to wait till August 14th. I personally can’t wait!

You can only go through your local representative which is the preferred method. My local rep is Alison Kay & she was the wonderful lady who sorted this opportunity out for me. She covers the North West area & is the lady to contact to host a party or view some stock. Find her over on Facebook.

Some extra information if plan to hold a party: For one they’re free to hold & as the hostess you get £14 off your own order for having 1-7 people there!  No money? You don’t have to pay straight away you are sent an invoice for your items when it arrives which gives you the chance to try before completely buy!!


Wizard & Princess Hats

Me & Baby Critter attended an event run by Creation Station.

We made a wizard hat which can also be made into a Princess hat.

You need a party hat or make your own from a semi circle rolled up, some sparkly stickers & a long thin piece of tulle/netting.

CIMG0135 CIMG0136

Wrap the tulle round the hat securing inside or under a sticker. Use sticky tape to secure to the top of hat & voilà your hat! You can use other items to decorate but its that easy!!

Photo0543  Photo0544


Stocking up your wardrobe cheaply

When I was pregnant I would trawl eBay for cheap but funky baby clothes. The problem with eBay now though is too many people trying to over price items and charge silly money for postage to make up their costs.

So where does that leave us? Well it’s still possible to get a bargain on eBay but there are other ways.

Recently I went to an NCT nearly new sale. This stands for National Childbirth Trust.


I got 6 items of clothing and toys and spent about £20. Not even a supermarket is that much of a bargain.

My quest saw me at a local charity shop dedicated to all things child! I got Big Critter some jeans and Baby Critter dungarees, trousers and a toy.


Grand total of £4.90! Another bargain.

Facebook groups are also fab places to get items for cheaper without travel. There are various dedicated groups like cloth nappy or sling groups.


There is also groups for your local area which not only saves PayPal and eBay costs but you get to view item before you hand over the money.


We got that little horse for £10!

Sometimes if your in the right place at right time will get a freebie or off a kind friend.

There are also swaps. Either online or organise a party between a group of your friends. Alternatively you could swap with a friend who may be pregnant and have an older child.

Freecycle is also a good place to have a look because there is 1 rule everything has to be free!!

So get out there and have a look for a bargain.


Joggers to shorts

We start with full length joggers worn once for a Mr Bump dress up for World Book Day & a child in need of shorts.


I wanted some shorts to fit just below the knee so decided 20 cm was just enough to lop off. You will have to either measure a pair of shorts against these for length difference or measure your child’s leg.

I measured 20 cm from hem up the leg on  both legs. I made sure the trousers were laid flat & front & back leg hem matched up. I marked the 20 cm point with pins.


Then I cut straight across the leg just below pin line. This line will allow for hemming so remember to take off at least 1 cm for this I say take off rather than add on because remember you measure up from hem.


Turn under the hem once…


… and again to create a closed hem with no raw edge showing.


Sew as close to the top edge as possible all round.


You have a pair of shorts for free & not wasted wearable clothes.



Cavern Of Craftiness

We start with full length joggers worn once for a Mr Bump dress up for World Book Day & a child in need of shorts.


I wanted some shorts to fit just below the knee so decided 20 cm was just enough to lop off. You will have to either measure a pair of shorts against these for length difference or measure your child’s leg.

I measured 20 cm from hem up the leg on  both legs. I made sure the trousers were laid flat & front & back leg hem matched up. I marked the 20 cm point with pins. 


Then I cut straight across the leg just below pin line. This line will allow for hemming so remember to take off at least 1 cm for this I say take off rather than add on because remember you measure up from hem.


Turn under the hem once…



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Wonderful world of lemons


I love lemons they have all sorts of uses some include:

cleaning power, useful for your fridge to keep it fresh, over a salad, cooked with salt & aparagus yum!, can stop fruit browining so perfect for a fruit salad!

Here’s 3 thins I recently used lemons for:

Lemon Cake

I made two one for Big & Baby Critter’s Nannie & one for home. Super yummy cake & not too big either so can indulge a little without a massive cake to add to your hips. Preheat oven to 180 C

225g of each: butter, caster sugar & self raising flour,

4 eggs & zezt of 1 lemon.

Cream the butter & sugar, add eggs. Sift in flour & bake!

I covered mine with tinfoil for first 30 mins to stop it burning then baked uncovered for a further 15-20 minutes & browned beautifully.

CIMG9971  Iced version

Uncovered CIMG0028   CIMG0032 Drizzled

Yum!!!! CIMG0033

Lemon Water

Its a well known fact lemons are sour & acidic but it’s probably less known they are alkali forming when digested! This makes them perfect to add a few slices to water to make refreshing health benefiting drink. I often do this for a change but this makes it perfect for skin complaints, headaches, sore tummy from too much acid foods. If you have health issues its worth a look into alkali diet to solve them I used it to heal my blistered eczema worked a treat & tastes sooo yummy


  Lemon sugar scrub 

Click the title for the link of how to make this. Literally made from sugar & lemon juice with some olive oil. It leaves my skin so soft & lush. Its cheap to make & doesn’t go often quickly so perfect as a present too.





Play tent canopy

So I wanted to make my children a canopy. I’d seen girly ones & liked idea of a quiet corner so set about finding tutorials which there are plenty but they confused me so decided to think for myself with the help of existing tutorials.

I planned to make a rug for inside too.

The first task was  a design & working out how much fabric I needed.

I wanted this to be cheap as possible so I am using cheapest polycotton which is always 112-114 cm wide so that automatically decides the height but then you add the ‘roof’ so does end up taller.

When you make & hang your canopy it will sit on the outer edge of the hula hoop so be sure to measure from outer to outer edge not inside of it.

Hula hoop 26 inch (66 cm) diameter  x Pi (3.14) = 81.64 inch (207.36 cm) that’s your circumference of hula hoop & therefore tent.

I then decided I wanted a 22 cm overlap at entrance, plus 2 cm seam allowance (SA) per edge.

circumference (207) + overlap x 2 (22) + SA x 2 (4) = 255 cm.

That’s just over 2.5 metres of fabric at 112 cm width for outer.I cut it 256 cm because I’d rounded up a couple of measurements.

Now I had to work out the top section we need to make this with a number of triangles to create the tent effect. For the width (base of 1 triangle) I divided the circumference into 6. You could use 4 pieces for this I chose 6.

circumference (191.4) / 6 = 34.56 + 4 = 38.56  ( 1 triangle base)

The 4 represents my seam allowance 2 cm for every edge of which there’s 2.

For the height of the triangle I just divided the diameter of hula hoop into 2 & added SA.

Diameter (66) / 2 = 33 + 4 = 37

You can add extra height to your canopy by adding extra strips to your canopy to create stripe effect, I plan to do this through the form of a 20 cm strip. The height of the room is 245.5 cm & height of canopy with extra strip is approx 140-150 cm so longest hanging loop I need is approx 114. You can add extra height to your canopy by adding extra strips to your canopy to create stripe effect, I plan to do this.


To  create the curve of the triangle pieces place your hoop on paper & trace onto paper marking the centre of the line. From the centre mark measure up or down your height then add that point to edges of curved line that’s your pattern piece for top. Cut 6 from fabric.


You should be able to create your top section from 1 – 2 metre of fabric by laying pieces as shown depending  on height you chose.


You shouldn’t need to cut much off you side pieces however  I will so I can create the hanging loop & various ties.


For the inside of my tent I wanted to sew some animals to bottom edge but were it will go they won’t really be seen so I settled on a few mushrooms .


Last job is the ties I mentioned you will need at least 6 to hold hula hoops to canopy & 2 for the entrance. The length of all these is personal as long as they tie securely any length is good. We will tackle the entrance ties as we go.

 My hula hoops ties cut out were 6 x 52 cm I cut 6 of these.

Now before we start sewing our canopy/tent we will be using french seam. This is fab for delicate fabric & light fabrics to hide the seam. It can add bulk to a garment if use less light fabrics like cotton or fleece however this is a tent so it doesn’t matter but will hide the raw edges making this a super neat project with no raw seams at all.

I plan to use the green as its full length & width this means I only have to hem the short cut edges because the longer edges are the selvedge & therefore won’t fray.

I folded the short edges under 1 cm & then another 1 cm & sewed close to loose edge.


So we start with the roof. Start by placing wrong side of material from 1 piece to wrong side of another piece YES WRONG SIDES. Sew using 0.5 cm seam allowance (SA).


Turn the pieces to other side so you cover the raw edges & seam you’ve just done, like the picture & pin. You could also iron this in place. Sew using just over 0.5 cm SA.


You should now have an enclosed seam . Flatted this down either iron it or pin.


Sew along the edge opposite what just sewn. This sews your seam down so looks neat & tidy.


This is what the opposite side or the right side should look like:


No raw edges or messy overlocking in site.

Repeat till have 3 triangles sewn as a semi circle & repeat for other 3 to create 2 sides of the roof.


Place wrong sides of roof together encasing your roof tie between the layers & repeat the process to encase the seams.


Now I mentioned I’d added the roof tie above but not how to do the ties so here goes albeit out of order

Fold your tie in half right side to right side, place ribbon or cord at top…


Sew across the top encasing the ribbon or cord & continue down entire length till hit other end. Use 0.5 cm SA.


Don’t sew other short end. Once sewn you should tug the cord/ribbon that’s sticking out open end & your tie should start to scrunch up. You may need to poke other end in a little to encourage it to pull through.

If you cord is not long enough pull the cord slightly as you sew so the tie scrunches up behind the foot.


Just cut cord off when fully pulled through & neaten your corners.


Next you should hem your side pieces if not already done because we now attach roof to walls. Use same process as before wrong side to wrong side.

I decided to not topstitch the seam so left like this.


Now we need the ties that secure to hula hoop to the whole canopy. Position these evenly around your circle. I chose to do 8 but 4-6 will work also. The orange is my wall the yellow is my roof.


Sew a crossed box to safely secure. I made sure not to go onto roof just the seam of the wall…..


However after trying this out I realised I had to sew it onto roof or the hula hoop would drop down, like second picture.




Your almost done!!!

I decided I would like some mushrooms along bottom so I added this after so I could see where overlap sat & make sure they showed & weren’t hidden.


The last step I did was to add ties & velcro so Big Critter could have doors open or closed. To do this I measured 80 cm from side & 70 cm from bottom this was position for the tie.

Box stitch that on the inside with velcro in same position on outside. 

CIMG9812 CIMG9815

Make sure to add velcro to end of tie so it faces towards the canopy.


Here’s the finished canopy on my washing line at 9 pm because I’m too impatient to wait till the morning.


see below for cut out rug to place inside!

So a lot of you have probably heard about appliqué You sew a cut out shape onto fabric! This is my first cut out appliqué project. It’s basically the opposite of standard appliqué rather than cut the shape to go on the fabric you cut the shape from the main piece & layer a different colour behind!

You will need: fleece or other soft rug topping, cotton may crease easily

different coloured backing for appliqué- great for using scraps

rug backing- if using on carpet most material will do if using on wood floor may wish to use suede or slipper sole material to help prevent slips

scissors, pins & pen

First we make the rug. This rug will be for the canopy above and the hula hoop represents the sitting area within the canopy therefore the rug needs to be same size!

Using the same measurement you took above for hoop diameter you need to cut 2 circles plus about 2.5 cm seam allowance. The fabric I’m using isn’t wide enough to do a full circle so will cut 2 half circles & join to make a full circle. If you do two circles don’t forget to add extra to the straight edge for joining. I backed this with cotton but you can back with anything you wish.


Draw round hula hoop onto wrong side of fabric.


Cut out with 1-2cm extra, this will be your seam allowance. I cut both layers at same time.


Once I had both sides I overlaid them by about 1-2cm. I decided to do this over a normal seam because it creates less bulk. You could also make this a feature.


Pin & sew along front & back edge.


Now for the appliqué part. I decided on circle so i cut 3 sizes of circle out of paper & arranged them on the wrong side of my rug. I drew round with pen.


I then drew round the same number of circles in my backing colour.


Start cutting out the circle from rug. To do this easily fold inn half & do a small slit just so can enter scissors.


Cut them out leaving 1cm as shown.


Lay over the right sized circle & pin into place on wrong side.


Do same for all of them.


You can also back you circles with squares that cover the hole. I find circles less bulky but up to you.


Now sew the circles in place on wrong side removing pins as you go.

Once done you need to sort a back & inner.

There’s 2 ways to do this- lazy & lazier. Lazy way: lay the finished rug top on you backing & lay on wadding. Cut out, pin right side to right side of the rug top & backing then sew.

Lazier way: pin rug front to backing then wadding & sew together right side to right side, Trim excess material.

I used 2cm seam allowance to this & the lazy way. Remember to leave a gap for turning rug out. Once turned out you can top stitch whole rug to close gap & secure its shape. You may chose to go over your cut outs to create a semi quilt effect.

You can use same techniques to make a cute blanket or quilt for a new baby with matching rug.