Pixie Garden Update

As promised an update of the pixie garden I’ve created.

Little twig bench amongst the flowers.


Mushroom bird house amongst flowers & twig furniture. If you look carefully at the back you will see a green fimo man.


Here he is.


Doll trellis with mini mushrooms & more flowers waiting to grow. They are protected by lolly stick fence.


Hobbit mound with doorway, still growing but on its way with a lovely swing outdoors.


Mushrooms & plastic flowers to fill the space. Under the leaves at top is a gnome on a log.


Lastly is the broken pot make as decorative feature.


The whole garden complete with outer fence plastic bottle rocket to scare the birds off.


To the right of pixie garden is the gnarly pixie garden with more flowers we await.


Big Critter helped me with some of this & enjoyed watching it grow. You can do smaller versions for in pots or window boxes. You could even do a fake version indoors. I made 4 fake gardens.

Hope you enjoyed this & I promise to share updates in the future.




How to rustle up a pirate costume quick!

Before you’re walked off the plank for being inappropriately dressed here’s some mums tips for a quick DIY pirate costume.

This is my own Big Critter when he was a toddler. For his outfit I added a finger puppet parrot to his shoulder & used eyeliner to make some facial hair. We had the bandanna already & at nearly 6 he still wears it!


This is what Michelle from Charming Jewellery did. She cut out the legs off a pair of jeans her little boy had outgrown height wise. Added a couple of existing dress up items & he was ready to oh arrrr.


Michelle Caldwell from Southport made this for her son. the parrot was from an old baby cot mobile, The shorts & t-shirt he already had.


Finally this guys mum Beki from FeahPenny Tutus used an old waistcoat she was given & added some black & gold jewellery she no longer used with the finishing touch of eyeliner for a beard later on.


See its that simple. You can use what you have in to make a unique pirate suit. All these kids had dress ups to add to the outfit but you can easily make these yourself. Swords from cardboard, bandanna’s from scarf’s or even a tea towel.

Hope you are willing to share pics of your DIY pirate outfits.


Funky Footstool

I’m on a quest to use recycling that my local council don’t recycle!! One of those is plastic! I saw a great tutorial for a foot stool made from 2 litre plastic bottles (empty).

Here’s my version:

First I laid out the bottles to check the size of the foot stool & position of the bottles.


I took away the outer row & taped together the inner ones. I did try to tape the whole thing together as stood above but was impossible with bottles flying all over like a wacky game of skittles!

CIMG0001 CIMG0002

After that I taped outer layer to inner part to make the final core.


Now you have to measure it. I did this at the bottom for a more accurate measurement.


Tie some string onto a pencil near the sharp end.


Taking the width of the bottles half this & measure from the pencil to this length on the string. At this point hold it in centre of a large piece of cardboard.


Holding the string form & pencil to the card draw a circle. This may not be overly neat just try your best but unless you have a huge compass is your best way to draw this. You need 2 circles.


I used a craft knife to cut around this line.

CIMG0010 CIMG0011

Layer the 2 pieces of cardboard on the top & bottom of the bottle core. Tape it on with loads of tape to make it immoveable. I used brown tape.


Now you need wadding, you can also use thick foam. Cut 4 circles 2 for top & 2 for bottom. If you use very thick wadding 1 layer may be enough.

You also need wadding for the sides. I did this by taping the edge to my bottle core & rolling & cutting as I went.


You should now have this:


Again I used brown tape to secure it all but you may have a better way of doing this. Now you have to measure it: the top from 1 side to the other, height of the whole lot & the circumference. Don’t squeeze too much as want your stool to retain some shape without the cover being baggy.

Unfortunately at this point I lost some pictures so will describe best I can.

  • Using same method as before make a pattern for the top then do same for outside strip. You need 2 circles & 1 strip.Remember to add seam allowances.
  • Start by joining the 2 ends of the strip together, right sides together.
  • Next pin one circle to the strip right sides together also. Sew this using your seam allowance. You will end up almost like a soft bucket type shape.
  • Repeat for bottom but don’t sew it the whole way maybe half way because you need a gap to put it on the stool.
  • Now you will have hand stitch the gap closed. I did this by tucking in the circle part & folding the outer part inwards this creates less bulk & is neater. Slip stitch the gap shut.

You have a nice new foot stool for minimal cost! I can say this has been a great stool and yes doesn’t last forever but held up for at least 5/6 months.