March Round up and April Wish List

I can not believe its that time again!! This month has flown and I’ve been keeping busy with Easter Goodies and peg board buying.

I’ve hardly sewn this month the last few weeks has been a slow process of cutting lots out to sew and lots of tidying!

So instead of a typical round up I wanted to talk about other bits I wouldn’t blog like my fab fab peg boards. I love them!!! I started off with my small one for journalling bits they hold all my washi tape in full view so looks pretty, pen pots because we were always losing them so now the children have easy access. There is also my coloured pencils which are strictly adults (me) only and paintbrushes which are mostly my eldests for miniature painting but I sometimes borrow them. I recently upgraded to a big one for my back room where I sew.

We needed a safer way to store my scissors since Rune climbing now and I wanted to tidt my cupboard up a little. I’ve tried drawers and other storage options but so far this is the best one.

I find with my peg boards I’m forced to tidy up properly and keep it neat or it wont function right and that is a god send. It’s fab needed to snip something and take scissors down put them back I love it.

I decided this week to also get some stickers and cards to send with orders so exciting who doesn’t love some stickers to play with. I got them from Happy Printz and can’t fault them great quality items. I told them what I wanted they sent a design back almost straight away and they arrived 2 days later. They are a bargain too cost about £8 for 50 cards and 4 sheets of stickers!! (not affiliated by the way just impressed).

So what to do next month!! well I’d like to get done all the things I planned to do this month and found no time for!! There will be a variety of things so my shopping list this month is

Dreamcatcher ring,

wire triangles,

a new journal (squeal!)

maybe a little tin make.

Doesnt sound much but a lot of my plans involve using some stash items which considering I’m decluttering sounds like a good plan!

Sensory Play

For his birthday Rune got a tuff tray and despite my intentions I’ve not done as much as I wanted with him but here is a mini round up of what we did do.

I got him some water beads as it seemed an easy, cheap fun thing. They took ages to swell to start off with so that was an anticlimax. My vision was he would have a spoon a bowl and play feeling them stirring etc. He threw them…. literally…. all over my living room and howled with laughter at me chasing the incredibly bouncy things. Once we got him to calm down he then stamped on them repeatedly with lots of squealing.

Thankfully they were easy to clean up.

Anyone with a toddler knows they are like dogs and like to go into every driveway! Rune loves stones he likes the sound under his feet, the feel, throwing and collecting in pots. So a £3 bag of stones later and I’ve a happy boy stamping on them, sitting in them, throwing around the garden and throwing them into a metal pot to create a great sound!!

Yesterday I made a small batch of cloud dough. This is 2 cups of flour, 1/4 baby oil plus colouring. If you don’t have oil based colour it will speckle but I decided speckle was better than mushy flour colour alone so popped some paint in. This stuff is like the shop bought kinetic type sand but cheaper. He had a spoon, a pot and his hands. He got bored a bit faster with this one so next time I think I may put some diggers and things with it and make some extra colours too. This stuff keeps well so you only need to make up a batch every so often.

This is the day of his birthday we have a foil insert for it its fab to peer into, place a rainbow on or to look at other symmetry. It is a great base for normal play too and the water beads would look fab on top double bounce!

Next month we plan to paint, make gloop, shaving foam and more of the same above!

Clothes Plan

Every few months I plan out what clothes I’m going to make including fabric and the pattern then spend weeks usually getting them done. They are rarely for me and always for Rune.

So I thought I’d share with you what I’ve got!

These are some of the fabric I’ve cut clothes from. Some are pre-printed that I got off Facebook groups and some are custom printed especially for a seller.

Theres a couple of panels in there also and some plains off ebay.

Here’s some clothes I made last year. I have a few firm favourites with MBJM being a big factor in my making especially the harem rompers shown above. The robot t-shirt is the Reid t-shirt  by Elliedactyl. This is a great pattern for those offcuts or when you don’t want to use up a lot of your favourite print but you’re not sure how to go about it. You have the option of more pieces than I used including splitting the sleeve into 3.

The rolled hem romper from Brindle & Twig is fab for summer as can be done short or for winter and best part you don’t need to hem because to roll it up and hide the edge away. Win win.

One of my favourite trousers whether you piece together like I have or use whole the MBJM double trouble joggers are fab for a slightly crazy funky look and its perfect excuse to make those trousers from different fabrics and have a good excuse.

Another MBJM goodie the jacky V tee this makes doing a v neck easy and I find it a tighter fit than some. (I’m not being sponsored I promise).

My third go to trouser pattern is a simple leggings pattern. I don’t recall where I found this only that it was free and its perfect! Great fit, size and look and only 2 pieces so lovely to cut out without all the extra waistbands and extras. It is laid with the MBJM harem romper which I took the sleeves off and made into this. I love this romper but prefer it for winter wear.

Lastly my favourite cute dungaree pattern. It’s 2 pieces plus cuffs and is really cute on. This is the Jumpy pattern by Puperita and is my go to time and time and time again as it’s so simple to make and sew but looks fab. It fits well too and although its not the square bib style its best for fit in younger babies and toddler with no flappy areas.

I find the cutting the worst bit and it’s taken me days to get nearly done as hurts my back and starts to get on my nerves but teamed up with a few shop bits and bobs and Rune is sorted for the nicer weather coming.

Unicorn Pom-pom

I just love pompoms and the versatility of them.

I made a similar pompom ages ago for …. can you guess??… yes a swap haha I just love them.

First up you’ll need to create your pom pom. I use the one that separate in two arches so I have included an image of how to place yarn to create the effect above. This works fine for circular pompom makers also.

Once you’ve tidied up your pom pom you will need to finish it off. I cut a curved corner from some glitter felt and cut that in half. Then rolled it up to form the horn.

You will need to crochet two ears also of you could cut them felt if you prefer*

Once made fold them in half so the outer edges meet (blue arrows) then place a stitch around the back (white dot and line). This helps scrunch the ear up to make it look more realistic.

Separate the hair to glue the horn on you can then shuffle the strands back over to hide where it was joined, do the same for the ears.

Add two little circles for the nostril holes and a ribbon for the top to hang.

You’re done! Of course you can buy them from me instead over on Etsy


Chain 2, sc in first chain twice (2)

chain 1, 2 sc in each stitch (4)

Chain 1, 2 sc in first stitch, sc in next 2, 2 sc in end stitch (6)

Chain 1, 2 sc in first stitch, sc in 4 and 2 sc in end stitch (8)

sc in each stitch (2 rows)

Weave in ends.

Matchbox Card Tutorial

I’ve wanted to make one of these for a while but never quite got round to it so here we go and eventually one of these will gifted in a swap! (of course).

First up you’ll need to decide what size you want. Matchboxes come in all sizes but in my opinion craft is what you make it and it could be any shape or size you wish. I chose to make mine 8 x 5 x 1.5 cm.

I started off with drawing the template for the outer sleeve (right side) so drew a rectangle that was 13.5 x 8 cm. Along the longer measurement I marked (in order and not included last measurement) 1.5 cm,  5 cm, 1.5 cm, 5 cm and 0.5 cm. This equals to side, top, side, base, joining tab.

I then drew the drawer section by only drawing 2 sides and the base but 1-2 mm smaller so it will fit in. I initially made it 2 mm smaller but later made a box with inside 1 mm smaller and it was a much better fit. My drawer was 1.4 cm then 4.9 cm then 1.4 cm width ways. I kept the height of the base 8 cm like the sleeve but added 1.4 cm at top and bottom for the sides.

Cut your templates from card. I didn’t want marks so I placed the templates onto card and using a metal ruler cut it out with a craft knife.

I then scored the lines for the folds with the end of my ruler.

When cutting the inside drawer out I scored all the lines then as picture shows you’ll need to cut down from top to where the base starts (black line).

For the drawer you will need to match the dots. Ensure the grey lines are scored and folded and fold them up. Place glue where the circles are and place the filled in circles against it so they end up inside the drawer. Repeat for other end.

To glue together score and fold at the lines and for sleeve use the extra tab to glue closed.

You can then decorate how you wish ensuring the theme is to relay a message much like a card does.

You can use concertinaed card to make things pop up from the flat bottom, add a mini card or a small gift. These are great for adding a gift card into or some money.

Have fun with it I know I will

These designs shown are now available in my Etsy Shop

Carrot and Chick Easter Bags

I apologise for no blog yesterday I was too busy trying to sneeze my brains out. Thankfully they stayed in and it’s a big blog writing day to catch up!

As promised here are the instructions to make the carrot and chick bag for Easter.


First up carrot draw a 6 x 8 inch rectangle then mark the following: top right and left corners mark 1/4 inch in. At bottom find midline and mark 1/2 inch either side. Join up the marks and round the corners this is now your carrot.

Measure your side around base and up other side to determine how long your side should be. Then cut it out with 2 inch width. I had to join mine so I cut two out with extra for joining.

You will need 2 fronts, 2 backs, 2 sides and 2 leaves for top (freehand)

When sewing the top you will need to trim excess it’s quite hard to do so you may wish to mark the pattern onto the felt sew then cut it out. (1). Attach it between your 2 front layers. (2)

Like we did on the bunny bag attach your side to the inside of the bag so when complete your bag has an exposed seam (4). Attach the back on in the same way. For this one I chose a webbing handle and added one side o the front and one to the back so I didn’t need 2. This is great for younger children who may struggle to keep a bag upright and use it. (3)

Once done I added on decorative lines to the front of the back so it was more carroty. I added these at end because it didn’t occur to do them before.


For the chick you will need a 15 cm circle this is the main body of the bag, 3 cm circle and 1 cm circle for the eyes. You will need 2 fronts, 2 backs, 2 eyes, 2 pupils and approx 20 inch strip for sides. You’ll also need some 2-3 mm ribbon for the handle and legs.

You may spot on my circle some extra lines inside this is the markings I chose for the bag side to start/end.

Next drawing the foot I used a compass for a half circle 5 cm in width then free handed the toes on after. They weren’t easy as you can see from my drawing. You will need 4 feet and 2 hairs, 2 beaks (freehand)

First up position the eyes onto one layer of the front then place pupils on top sewing into place. Doing this secures the eyes. Sew the beak on just at the top this means the beak is free to open and close. (2)

Pin the thin ribbon for the legs between 2 feet and sew together. Then position other end between 2 front layers. (3)

Position the hair between front layers. (1) Grab your side and same as bunny and carrot attach to inside of bag. For this you will to ensure it’s even on both sides otherwise when done you’ll end up with a wonky face. Once you’ve determined this sew into place. Sew the back layers on too. When sewing the front be sure to secure the ribbon for the feet.

Pinning the ribbon inside of side pieces sew around the top to secure layers and hair and sew around the sides to secure ribbon (1)

I hope you enjoy your felt Easter bags!




Felt Easter Bag- Bunny Rabbit

You will need :

  • compass
  • ruler pencil
  • paper
  • scissors
  • felt
  • ribbon or lace

Bunny bag

First up draw a 5 cm circle then three 2.5 cm on top as shown in (1). You will then need to draw around this as shown. Go slow don’t rush, I can’t draw and this was easy enough. I cut out the foot in white and the extra circles in lilac. You’ll need 4 feet, 6 toes and 2 foot pads.

Next up draw  a rectangle 3 x 14 cm and using my picture as a guide draw half an ear shape (2). I find this much easier to achieve an even shape than trying to draw whole shape. Cut these out on the fold, using white felt, then draw another inside that follows same curve and cut from lilac this is your inner ear. You will need 4 ears and 2 inner ears.

Using the 5 cm circle again draw up at a slant to create an arm. The piece of paper to the left overlaid is the edge of the bag so I could accurately see how the arm would look (3). You will need 4 arms and 2 paw pads.

The bag front/back measures 6 x 8 inches with a 21 x 2 inch side. You will need 4 bag front/backs and 1 side (you may need to cut this in 2 parts and join)

Lastly you will need a 4 cm circle to cut 2 white eyes from and 2 cm circles in grey or black for the inner eye. You will need 2 white eyes and 2 grey or black eyes.

First up we will prepare the pieces and front of the bag. Working on just one layer place the white circles with the grey on the bag and sew the grey therefore also securing the white (5)

As the feet overlap you will need to sew these in 3 parts. First up attach the pads onto one layer of a foot. Place a plain foot onto back and part sew along one edge. One foot you’ll need to do this on the left and the other on the right. (6) Place it on the bag and sew rest of foot edge securing to the bag. Be sure to not sew totally to the edge as need it be free around the edge for constructing bag.

Sew bunny inners to one layer of the ear. I found then placing on a sheet of felt and sewing round then cutting easier but you can always cut before hand and join a plain ear to a decorated ear (7).

Now we get to finish it off. Start off with pinning the centre of the side/base strip. I had to cut in two parts and sew so I centred the join up with the centre of the front (8). You will be sewing this onto the INSIDE of the bag. Pin around as shown careful not to bunch too much at corners (9).

Sew that into place with a 1 cm seam allowance.  Pin the ears between front layers then pin the strap behind. (10) Sew into place. I added a nose by simply cutting off a small corner from a square of felt and round the corners. I sewed black ribbon underneath but you can using your machine to sew whiskers instead (11)

Now sew the back onto the back using same method ensuring to add a second handle.

You’re done you can now enjoy your bunny bag!

Catch up next week for the chick and carrot version! I would have done them together but I like to match my thread so an order was put in for some .