Temperature Blanket/afghan

You may have seen these already or even made one. You may love the idea but not want the challenge or you may hate them.

Well I decided this year I wanted to make one.

A temperate blanket is exactly what it sounds like all about temperature.

You record the temperature once a day for a whole year!!!! You will need some sort of key as to what colours represent what temperature for you. You should also take into account where you live. Don’t invest in tons of yarn to crochet in white whenever it snows or is below -10 if you’ve not seen snow for nearly 4 years (yes north west england I’m talking to you!). Similarly check out the highest temperatures for the last few years and use your own knowledge to not go overboard on higher temperature also.

This is my key I set this specifically for my area not just my country. So where in South England it may go over 20 degrees regularly here it doesn’t. For that reason I only got 1 ball of the top colour (Stylecraft silver).

The following 5 colours I got 3 of each (wisteria, turquoise, grass green, saffron and spice) 2 of matador red (just in case) and 1 of the pink for wishful thinking. This is also a great stash buster, the grey and pink I had in my stash already so if it never goes below 0 or above 24 I’ve not lost out.


Now deciding what temperature to use because it fluctuates and some days you may find the temperature from one hour to next will fit 2 different colour brackets.

I have chosen to check the temperature around 11am-12pm each day and use that one. The met office allows you to see the past 24 hours hour by hour if you forget.

If it is the type of project you don’t want to be so committed to you can use just high and/or low temperature for each day which can be found easily. Otherwise look up weatherghan that will tell you the temperatures and suggest colours for any year and area you select.

Next you have to think of how to make it. As you are doing it for the whole year you have to be careful to not make each row too high. Some have reported 9 foot blankets by December!!

For this I’m afraid you will need to do a few swatches. It’s best to do 5 rows measure and times by 73 to figure out how big it will be by December 31st. I figured using DK/8 ply yarn with a 3.5mm hook and doing single crochet rows would make a blanket around single bed size.

Here is my first week progress:


You can of course start half way through the year to celebrate a babies first year of life or make something season by season to make multiple blankets.

Other options to think about are different colours for snow or special occasions like birthdays, holidays etc. I have decided to do a different stitch when it’s a birthday to keep same colour scheme but to identify our life events too. Others have chosen to use a variegated yarn to identify these days.

By the end of the year you should have a beautiful spectrum of colour within a blanket.



FREE crochet pattern- Bobble Alphabet

As a start to my Totoro Blanket I have made and will be releasing the pattern soon I decided to create an entire Bobble Alphabet. Then I needed numbers!!


So here is the pattern and its FREE!


You get the full alphabet A-Z and it’s in chart format!1-14054286_1636057770024691_1037058690331533950_o-1-003

You also get full number 1-9 (you can use O for 0- confused yet?)


Then you can be patient and wait for the Totoro Blanket instructions to be released and add you letter squares to it!!. The blanket is 5 squares across so may not suit all names which is why I did the alphabet as a separate pattern.


To download log into Ravelry and download using THIS link

The file will download as PDF file and you get the pattern in chart format so if you struggle let me know and I’ll do my best to help!


Christmas Presents to Crochet



Trinity Stitch Hat by This Housewife Life . I followed the hat instructions as on link but there was no matching cowl. So I chained approx, 205 and followed the same principle. Starting with a chain then sc row I did the trinity stitch in the round finishing with sc row when I felt it was right height. The hat can have turned up cuff or not if you add a few extra rows it could work as a slouch hat too. I bought a faux fur pom pom and attached.


Textured Fan Boot Cuff by The Lavender Chair.  I followed this pattern but missed rounds 3 & 4. as only wanted small ones. I did this to match the hat and cowl to create a set.


Bath/Shower Pouf by Cottage Daisy Designs using Sugar n Cream cotton. Team with shower jelly or nice soap.

image image

Massage Soap Saver by Moogly. Team with some luxury soap. It has bobbles on one side and is like a mini drawstring bag for soap. Great for a nice scrub!.

image image

Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat by Moogly. This was a nice fast project to make and really easy too! I’m just sad there’s no matching accessories. I used a 3.5 mm hook in place of the 3.75mm.


Morgaine Fingers Mittens by Blue Oceans Pure Skies to go with the above hat. I tried some mittens but the pattern turned out to be small and I couldn’t face redoing. These are a great quick project for someone who doesn’t wear them but you think would enjoy them.


Dreamcatchers from various designs I found on Ravelry. I bought cheap rings from ebay plus feathers and pony beads to decorate.

Rainbow was made using the centre of the Dreamcatcher square


White was made using a Flower Coaster Pattern



Red was a Spider web pattern. I used thread to make it super small.

Green is the starts of a granny circle of which you can find many tutorials.

I used up all wool I had in my stash and bought other cheap extras to make these a super frugal gift collection.


Road Blanket

14183838_1605275199769615_2153732130956698188_n (1)

Road Blanket

You will need: 5.5mm hook, wool needle

Yarn: DK / 8 ply 4 colours- 2 grey, 1 green, 1 white, 1 black. Create a smaller 3rd ball of grey from your others

With grey make a magic circle

  1. Chain 1, sc, hdc, 2dc into MC. Place stitch marker in sc
  2. Repeat step 1 with the second ball of grey and again with your smaller ball. Pull circle tight
  3. With grey no 2 *2dc into next sc, 2dc in next 3 stitches* place marker in last dc. With 3rd ball repeat *to *


  4. Starting with ball 1 again *1 dc in first, 2dc in next* over next 12 stitches till you reach marker. Repeat with next colour
  5. *1dc in 2, 2dc in next* to marker. Repeat twice more
  6. *1dc in 2, 2dc in next, 1dc* to marker. Repeat twice more
  7. *1dc, 2dc,1dc* in grey, attach green and repeat again in next grey

You will be now only working 2 colours each round and working between markers (round 1: ball 1 & 2, round 2: ball 3 &1, Round 3: ball 2 & 3)

  1. *1dc in 4, 2dc, 1dc* Repeat twice (both grey)
  2. *1 dc in 5, 2dc, 1dc* twice (green & grey)
  3. *1dc in 6, 2dc, 1dc* twice (grey & green)
  4. *1dc in 7, 2dc, 1dc* twice (grey & grey)

Continue rounds increasing by 1 dc each time at start of round until

  1. *1dc in 25, 2dc, 1dc* till 6 left, hdc in 2, sc in 2, sl st in 2. Repeat for second colour and fasten off (both should be grey)
  2. With green *1 dc in 26, 2dc, 1dc* till 5 left, hdc in 2, sc in 2, sl st into next.
  3. Chain 1, *1dc in 14, bobble (6dc in one stitch) dc in 13, 2dc* 10 times. If you don’t want a bobble round just do 1 dc. Dc in 14, bobble, dc in 11, sl st and fasten off.
  4. Join in white. *sc in same stitch and next 6, sl in 7* continue to first sc. Don’t join just continue to next round.
  5. *sl st in first sc, hdc in same stitch, (ch1, hdc) 6 times, chain 1, sl st into 2nd sl st and sl st scross to first*. Repeat for the round
  6.  *sl st into 5th sl st, chain 1, dc into first chain space (dc in hdc, dc in chain space) twice. (dc in hdc, 2dc in chain space)twice, dc in hdc, dc in chain space and sl st into 2nd sl st. Repeat for the round joining to first st and fasten off.
  7. Join in black *dc in first space, dc in hdc, dc in chain space (dc in hdc, 2dc in chain space x 3) dc in hdc, dc in chain space and sl st into 2nd sl st*. Repeat for round join to first and fasten off.


Next you need to create the road markings. Thread white onto your wool needle and secure the wool to back of blanket near centre. I wanted middle to look like a roundabout so I started a few rows out. Slowly work up the centre of the 2 grey rounds going up and down. I went over 3 and under for 1.

14224854_1605275166436285_5592143507648576325_n (1)

You can then use this blog post and pattern to create tiny crochet cars

You can also save this on Ravelry

Please do not redistribute this pattern other than to link to source.

Please do not copy and resell pattern.

Any items made from this pattern can be sold as long as pattern source is stated.


COMING SOON- Tunisian crochet pattern


Ive been working very hard on writing and getting tested this cute Crochet and Hat set. This will be from Preemie to age 4!!! This is a new age range I’m introducing for all new patterns and eventually old patterns too!

This set looks knitted and I’ve been asked many time in CROCHET groups if it is! But no it is actually crochet done on one single hook but a rather long hook. The stitches are even called knit and purl.


The cardigan features a square neck with cross over design fastening nearing the shoulder.


Some sewing is required but there is full instructions on how to do this if you’re not very confident and you can slip stitch it together so really you don’t have to sew much.


The hat is made in one piece and sew or slip stitched up and pom poms added.


The pattern uses over 100g just for the cardigan but it’s a lovely thick set that would be thin enough for the card but warm enough for in the pram or a carrier.


As we’re still getting warm weather this pattern will be released 30th July giving up plenty of time to get this worked up in time for September and the Autumn cool.

It will be available to buy and download from Ravelry.


Bobble Capelet Cardigan – FREE crochet pattern


Bobble Capelet Cardigan

Yarn: Aran, 10ply

Hook: 6mm

Pattern Notes

  • US crochet terms used throughout
  • Bobble: dc5tog (us terms)
  • When crocheting over chain space out 3 sc in each space
  • Chain 1 is turning chain and NOT to be counted as a stitch unless stated


  1. Chain 37, sc in 2nd chain and each chain to end
  2. Chain 1, *sc in one, 2sc in next* till 4 left, skip 3, 2sc in end stitch.
  3. Chain 1, sc in 2, 3sc over chain space, sc in 4 *bobble, sc in 6* till 9 left and sc in last 9
  4. Chain 1 *sc in 3, 2sc* sc in last stitch
  5. Chain 1, sc in first stitch, chain 3, skip 3 sc in each stitch to end
  6. Chain 1, *sc in 5, 2sc* to chain space, 3sc in chain space and sc in last stitch
  7. Chain 1, sc in first, 3sc in chain space, sc in 5, *bobble, sc in 8* sc in last stitch
  8. Chain 1, *sc in 7, 2sc* till 4 left, skip 3, sc in last stitch
  9. Chain 1, sc in 2nd stitch, 3 sc in chain space and sc in each stitch to end
  10. Chain 1, sc in 2nd stitch, chain 3, skip 3, sc in 2, *bobble, sc in 9* till end sc in last stitch.
  11. Chain 1, *sc in 11, 2sc* to end sc in last stitch
  12. Chain 1, sc in each stitch to end
  13. Chain 1 *sc in 13, 2sc* to end
  14. Chain 1, sc in 2nd stitch, chain 3, skip3, sc in 6 *bobble, sc in 11* 4 times sc in 6, bobble once and *to * 2 more times. Sc to end
  15. Chain 1, *sc in 15, 2sc* to end, 3sc in chain space and sc in end stitch
  16. Chain 1, sc in each stitch to end
  17. Chain 1, *sc in 16, 2sc* to end sc in last stitch
  18. Chain 1, sc in first, chain 3, skip 3, sc in 4 *bobble, sc in 10* twice, ^bobble, sc in 15^ twice *to * once , ^ to ^ once and *to * once more, sc to end
  19. Chain 1, sc in 20, chain 9, skip 20, sc in 36, chain 9, skip 20, sc in 20.
  20. Chain 1, sc in each stitch to end
  21. Repeat row 20
  22. Chain 1, sc in 3 *bobble, sc in 9* sc in last stitch
  23. Repeat row 20
  24. Repeat row 20
  25. Repeat row 20
  26. Chain 1, sc in 8 *bobble, sc in 9* to end 2sc in last st. Continue sc up the centre front of cardigan (1 sc per row end) fasten off. Sl st into first sc of row, sc in same stitch and sc up opposite centre front.



  1. Sl st into first stitch of armhole from row 18, (should be crocheted so you are creating upper sleeve section first) 1 in each stitch to corner. Skip corner and sc 10 across underarm avoid 2nd corner and sl st into first st (approx 31)
  2. Skip first stitch (the one you sl st into) and sc in each till hit stitch before corner. Sc3tg over next stitch, corner and stitch after, sc across and sc3tog again at corner. Sl st into first
  3. Repeat round 2.

Alternatively you can download the PDF from my Ravelry Store

13267913_1573103592986776_6671167609587719228_n 13265999_1573103726320096_7138580999689407241_n 13256528_1573103732986762_6692811835480346432_n

This has not been tested but you can up/down a hook size and/or yarn weight to make different sizes.