Decorative Candles

Funny story my partner bought these candles thinking they would smell nice and they smell of nothing but wax so rather than feel they’re wasted I decided to decorate them so they can be gifted instead.

I chose 3 methods but only ended up doing 2 types. Grab yourself a plain candle they can be any colour but white is best, napkins with a nice print on, dried flowers and a pen or two.

I started off with the napkin simple peel layers so you’ve only the top layer of the tissue. place it print side down. Place greaseproof paper on top and heat. This is same method you will use for the pen but you will draw your design onto the paper before placing on the candle and heating.

Youre aiming for the design to go darker, wetter. This means the wax has melted through it and you can take the paper off to reveal your design. I found the pen did work but my pen wasn’t very good and it ran.

The flowers work a little differently I did try with the greaseproof paper but it made the colour in the flower run. The best method is to heat the inside of a spoon over a candle or other method to heat it through. then place the back of the spoon over your design gently to melt the wax make it stick down and coat the flower a little. You need to heat one side because your spoon will go black and then be transferred over.

You have to be gentle you don’t pull any petals off or burn your petals. I found coloured flowers best as white ones would sink into the wax a little and the design gets lost.

Here’s the finished result:

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