Diaper Shirt Tutorial

I have mentioned this diaper shirt before so thought was time to write a how to!

This diaper shirt Blouse Choquette is a doll outfit which is bonus for those who make matching doll and child clothes but not so great for an actual child.

Follow my handy How to adjust any pattern blog to copying this out at the right size.

You can measure your child’s chest to determine what measurements to use, add 1 inch ease to sides (should total extra 4 inches all round) then 1cm for seam allowance. You will also need to check sleeve length and neck to hem length as those will need lengthening past newborn.

However if you’re making for a gift or new baby I’ve added a guide of measurements per size that should help.


Once you have your pattern pieces you need to cut out: main fabric- 2 fronts (left & right), 1 back and 2 sleeves. Lining- 2 fronts (left & right) and a back.

You will also need buttons or snaps and elastic (optional).

If you wish to have a front that fastens off centre you need to cut your 2 fronts separately.

Lay your pattern piece on your fabric pin in place I added 2.5 inches to my straight centre edge and cut out.

Flip your pattern piece and again pin in place but only on the outer edges. I then folded up 1 inch from the centre edge. This provides enough overlap plus seam allowance. Cut out from outer fabric and lining.


Next we start sewing by sewing fronts to back at shoulder seam on both outer and lining.


When sewing lining sew your wider front onto opposite side to outer or when you line them up to sew they won’t match ( we won’t discuss how I know and no it’s not because I’m clever!)


Lay out your outer and pin on lining. Matching shoulder seams and edges.

Sew from bottom edge up centre front around neck and back down other side.

image admin-ajax-1

Next sew up side seams. Sew all 4 separately. On one of your lining pieces leave a gap half way.

When you’ve sewn up side seams line up bottom edge and sew. Clip curves and corners and using your gap in lining piece turn out. Press.


Now grab your sleeve pieces turn each up 0.5 cm then another 1 cm and sew down.

If you want elasticated hems cut 2 pieces of elastic about 60-70% smaller than sleeve width. This depends on the look you’re after and the size of child. My sleeve is 20 cm I cut my elastic about 12.5cm. It’s a good idea to add an extra couple cms to make it easier to work with just remember to leave excess sticking out to cut off.

Thread elastic through one end secure the edge before you pull right through. Once reach other end sew both ends to secure elastic.

Fold sleeves so your long edges are right sides together clip the elasticated edge at a slant to reduce bulk. Sew edges together and turn right side out.


Match shoulder seam on shirt to sleeve centre fold and match shirt side seam with sleeve seam. Again right sides together. Pin rest of sleeve and sew in place.


Lastly put on snaps or buttons at regular intervals.

I made these cute bloomers to match from See Kate Sew. They are a free pattern and can be made from a few different materials.



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