MBJM Harem Romper Dungaree Hack!

I wanted to make some harem dungarees but the few patterns I saw I either felt was same as every other outfit and unoriginal or I felt the shoulder straps were a little wide. However I love the MBJM harem romper plus I already owned it so I saved money.

First up you need to select the right size you may find it easier to copy the top section out but either way you will just need just the size you want  so not to confuse yourself and round neck option. You will also need the back and front on separate pieces hence why tracing it may be easier.

I have adjusted the 0-3 month size. Remember for bigger sizes you will need to do bigger adjustments.

To start lower front neck neck by 2cm and bring it in at the shoulders approx 0.5-8 cm. (old line is lines, new line is circles). Next job lower the shoulder by 4cm. If you are doing a toddler size remember if you bring neckline down more than I did you will need to also bring shoulder down.

Last job bring armhole line in 0.5cm also. If you prefer slimmer dungaree yoke bring this in more.


Next we will edit the back bring your armhole in 0.5cm again to match front. Add 7cm to the shoulder. This replaces the 4cm lost from front, 2cm overlap and seam allowances. I lowered the neckline by 3.5cm but you could do less min. of 0.5cm. I then drew a line from new shoulder to my lowered line making it triangular. Play around with shapes. Ensure your extended shoulder, which is now a strap, is same width as front shoulder. (you will see on mine why this is important to check BEFORE sewing)


Cut out the lower half as normal with the new tops. On the back piece add taps that extend past arm holes. This is create slits to make dressing easier.


You will need 2 facings to mimic top of romper pieces that just extend past tabs.



Place facings on top of main piece, right sides together. Sew around as per picture.  You will have your facings on so will see wrong side  as you sew.


Clip curves and corners. Depending on your fabric you may wish to add extra layers where the snaps will go. You can use interfacing or like I did scraps of fabric (blue parts).


Place 4 on each at strap sections and side tabs.


Turn the tops out right way, press and topstitch along same line as you sewed facing. If it looks misshapen or odd turn back out and clip further on curves and corners BEFORE topstitching.


Continue romper as per pattern to create the bottom half as normal with crotch fastening and ankle cuffs.



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