Baby Wish List

I may be having my 4th child and I may need nothing but it doesnt stop me wanting stuff! So here’s my I have everything wish list.

Chicco Next to me Crib

My first baby slept well but didn’t ever seem to love the moses basket, regardless we used it a second time and this baby positively hated the thing!! So this time I’m not risking it I’m going bedside crib. My bedroom is fairly small so this over a cot is perfect plus I hope to breastfeed and both my sons liked a cuddle in bed but I never felt comfortable doing that.

Im tricking myself into believing nights will be a doddle with this bed.

Carseat Raincover

I had a car for 6 months with my first child and not since till now. I took him out maybe once or twice in the carseat so never  needed a raincover. However now I have 2 kids im dropping into school and no desire to wake a sleeping baby. He is due during spring rainy season so I’m getting one.

Tektake Changing Table

I had on with my youngest son. It was a set of drawers just wide enough to pop a mat on so this time I’m getting a proper table because as much as seasoned mums say oh i just do it anywhere I’m not sure my back, hips and knees could take it now.

I read reviews too and if you plan to buy this same unit buy a separate change mat.

Mummy Hook & Stroll

I’ve had these each baby and yes the velcro does wear out which I have replaced but they still last a god 3-5 years from m experience. However I’m treating myself to more. They are perfect for one bar prams and if you pop one either side you can spread the weight of the bag by popping one handle on each. I’ve tried a few versions and apart from the velcro wearing thing they are only pram hooks that haven’t eventually snapped on me or are just generally awkward to use by falling off all the time.

Little Lifestyles Pram bag

This bag is fab fab fab and although it’s on my wish list I already own one. I own a Graco symbio and although I love it and I’m excited to use it again the basket is rubbish and small. Once your raincover is in that’s it gone. So I make a bag to pop that under the foot rest (more on that again) and use this pram bag on the frame. I place it near the back so it gets muddy from use but its waterproof  never worn out and is fairly roomy. I can fit change mat, wipes and up to 3 cloth nappies.

Another thing I hate change bags so for me this is a must have but it’s also good for spare stuff. Use it as a backup bag with spare clothes, bibs and toys in. I used to pop a bib or two and a spoon or two in when we were weaning as I always forgot something!

Pram Caddy

Great for everything especially when you already have kids. Drink for mum, bottle, dummies, small toys, sweet wrappers, sticks you name it it’ll go in your caddy. It’s also great for those quick trips out when you can just throw in an emergency nappy and your purse.

That’s it….. for now.




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