Baby shopping……

…. minus the blue.


Dark pink cord leggings from Debenhams.

These are from the girls department and are more of a purple which is easier to see in the second picture. I personally love purple on boys but not to everyone’s tastes.



Halloween gros from George at Asda.

Baby isn’t due till March but pumpkins are still relevant then right….. plus we’re allotmenteers so it’s relevant to us.



Walrus Romper from En.fant, found in TK MAXX.

This is kinda a dull colour and a bit non baby but it’s funky and unique and not blue. I personally love the Japanese style waves on there and the gold undertones.



Harem romper from H&M complete with little hat.

It’s a cute kimono style which will make dressing easier and makes it look a little different to the other clothes we will use. I love the little welcome home writing on there as this is our rainbow baby.



Gold Moccasins from ebay …..

because well gold?! Why not and they’ll go with anything, add some glamour and not a single hint of girliness about them. They come in LOADS of colours aswell.


Vegetable romper from Marks & Spencers.

As mentioned before we grow veg so this may be the typical beige but it’s too fun and too relevant to our life to miss out on.



Bunny babygros from Marks & Spencers.

I love yellow at the moment and the stripey babygros made me need this set! It’s nice and bright and innocent. Plus bunnies.. baby is due near Easter after all. My only grumble I accidentally ordered 3-6 months.



Bear clothes from Tescos Florence and Fred.

These are ‘boy’ clothes but I love the bears and the green is so fresh and sweet. My only bug bear (see what I did there!) is the tiny patch on the top saying man cub!!! Bear cubs can be female too where do Tesco think baby bears come from.


Sock ons

These are great little things not only do they (for me anyway) keep baby socks on perfectly without worry and aren’t too tight they are great accessory to an outfit and provide a bit of colour if you’re not into using pram shoes. They come in a rainbow of colours and I spotted new colours in recent years. I get mine from eBay but many retailers sell them.



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