Boys don’t have to wear blue!


I warn you now this is going to be a rant!

We are expecting shroomy boy number 3 so I am out shopping because yes although I have many many clothes they all look so boring. Plus when people are wanting to visit I don’t want baby to look like a classic hand me down kid. So a few new clothes is essential!!! (yes they are!)

I have one issue. A BIG issue with this…………… everything is blue! I know before you say it but blue is for boys but so is green, red, white, yellow, purple, orange and dare I suggest *whispers* boys can wear pink.

As a result baby has 4 new outfits. FOUR if we didn’t already have stuff this baby would be mostly naked and another reason to not buy blue we will get a mountain of blue after he is born.

Shops are so unimaginative when it comes to children’s clothing but more so with baby clothing. Everything is set colours and most boy clothes are light blue, dark blue, greeny blue, or beige and grey. Why? Thats what I want to know.

Look at girls clothing. Pink is made using red and white both are unisex colours so why is pink only for girls?  Pink is a colour of life and in the victorian times pink was seen as a strong colour and therefore only worn by boys. Blue was seen as a delicate colour and only worn by girls.

What happened?! Why did our boys get lumbered with blue blue blue and beige.

I want ladybird clothes that don’t claim the child to be a little lady.

I want clothes with toadstools on that aren’t automatically accompanied with flowers or a hefty price tag.

I want to see boy clothes that don’t have to have a vehicle of some sort on, or even worse that say little man.

I want to see girl clothes without the words pretty, beautiful and gorgeous on. My boys would disagree and as their mum I’m biased but my boys were beautiful and still are and my daughter was beautiful also but not more so because of her gender!

We associate boys with masculine things and girls with delicate things when in reality some boys are delicate and some girls prefer to be strong instead of pretty.

Why is my boy a little man? he can’t even walk yet and when he’s an adult he won’t be defining himself based on being a man he will define himself as my other sons will as being them. What makes them? Well my eldest is imaginative, he has great sense of humour and mildly awful fashion sense. He draws great things and invents all sorts of crazy things. He asks questions I never thought to ask and is defined as being bright and imaginative, not as a growing little man.

My youngest boy is funny, playful, energetic and bright in some ways compared the children a year older than him. He however can’t write his name because it ends up wrong everytime. However I don’t define him by this nor do I blame it on his gender. Instead he a cutey with gorgeous curls, beautiful eyes and an amazing smile. Where in that definition does he need to be a boy.

The other factor which makes the whole blue/pink divide more crazy many many people cal my youngest son a girl because of his amazing curly curls. He wears blue because he likes blue and I admit (begrudgingly) looks great in it but he’s still called a girl at times. Many years ago 2 girls I looked after I dresses in flowery dresses and because of a lack of hair one was called a boy despite having the pink dress on and her sister had green on and was identified as girl.

If so many in society don’t define a boy or a girl by what they are wearing why are shops only providing mums with outfits that follow the boys wear blue girls wear pink thoughts.

My task which I hope you will follow will be to create and buy as many non blue clothes as I can. I have one last problem many fabrics I buy are customs and I would use for either gender but even in the custom world of creating uniqueness blue is followed hugely for unisex stuff and is impossible to get away from. But shush don’t mention the blue……




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