Reward Chart Tutorial and FREE chart


I have need some kind of reward chart for me kids for ages now and the few we’ve tried havent worked so well. I saw a chart but at £22 per child I couldn’t so I set about making my own cheaper version!! I bought everything online but if you bought in shops I’m sure it would be cheaper. Each chart cost me around £7-8 to make.

You will need: * FREE CHART * REWARD CHART *magnetic sheet x2 (both A4 at least one needs to be sticky) *frame (A4) *magnets *round stickers *small bag or envelope *drawing pin

First step is very simple. Take the glass out of your frame and pop in your chart, magnetic sheet and the backing board and secure. I had to trim mine slightly to fit properly.


Next up you need to prepare the coloured counters. I bought magnets that were 12mm across and sticky. The stickers were 13mm so that I could just stick the two sticky sides together and done no trimming needed. I did approximately 6 red, 6 red and 25 green.


Get your sticky magnetic sheet and with the rewards chart (cut the sides off so just left with the table itself) and score the size onto the magnetic sheet. This is so you can pull the protective layer off to use but can save the rest. Stick your reward chart on and cut each square out.


I popped the rewards into an organza bag I had. If you don’t have one an envelope will do.

Pop a drawing pin in the centre of the frame to hang your reward bag.


Now lets take a moment to talk about the system. You can adjust what you wish your kids to achieve using the links above which take you to word documents. I chose to break it down rather than have general lists to achieve. If they don’t do it at all they get a red dot, if they do it but there’s some grumbling and arguments and a million last chance then it’s yellow and of course if they do it without fuss they get green.

At the end of each day if most the dots are green they get a green for that day. Now at this point you might think well there’s only 6 red and 6 yellow but I have faith in my kids and really hope I won’t need my leftover red dots!!

At the end of the week if most the dots are green in the bottom row they get their reward.

The rewards are something you can change too and it is adult choice what goes onto the chart so the kids aren’t choosing toys all the time and suit it to the child. My 3 year old is obsessed with being laid with till he’s snoring but this can take hours and causes problems in the night too if he wakes so one of his rewards is a 5 minute lie with one of his parents.

I hope you enjoy making this and I’ll let you know if it works.



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