MBJM Jacky V tee Pattern Review

Please note I chose to review this pattern after testing it and using it for my own use. This was not asked of me.

I know I know another MBJM pattern! I had the chance to test this one or admittedly I wouldn’t have bought purely because I have too many patterns already!!!

Again this is another pattern with a few options and is a great summer tee.

I made a v neck full tee for my tester and was my first time making a v neck. The instructions really assisted me and I only made it slightly wonky.


You have the option of a rounded neck if you prefer despite being called the v tee. You also have the option for long sleeves and a funky asymmetrical section.


  • Great size options meaning I can make same styles for both boys.
  • Few options to make this worth while buying with 2 neck styles, 2 sleeve lengths and a funky blocking option too which you can extend to the sleeves.
  • Easy to follow photo instructions.
  • Unlike most of MBJM’s patterns this one has the neck band pattern piece included
  • Great for fabric panels or using small amounts of expensive fabric. It’s also great for those fabrics you don’t want a whole outfit made from but want to show off anyway.


  • Although you get some great options this is basically the same pieces size wise and shape as the eclipse tee which I own.
  • If I was buying I would have preferred the option of having the v neck and blocking added on to existing patterns (such as the eclipse and pick and mix) for extra instead of full price of a different pattern that is only slightly different to at least 2 others. Saying that I wouldn’t say it should put you off as it’s a great pattern on its own and I do use it separately to the eclipse.

I made a plain normal t-shirt and it looks so nice. Well received also! This time I turned the hem to the outside and top stitched it in place for a slightly different look. I got the v part spot on this time which is a relief.


Using the colour block option is super easy just remember to cut ONE back AND ONE front not 2 fronts like I did!






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