MBJM Harem Pants and shorts

Please note I chose to review this pattern after ‘purchasing’ it and using it for my own use. This was not asked of me.

MBJM again!!! I know I know you think I’m boring or much be being commissioned to write these reviews but honestly I’ve yet to find a pattern designer I can use the pattern straight away without mega adjustments or issues. They are so quick and easy too that I find myself buying more and more patterns. Best bit I’ve just one more for you after this…. then I’ll stop I promise… for a bit.

Anyway I came to this pattern after trying out the Domi Joggers. I couldn’t face using it again and seeing post after post after post of people making these I thought damn I’m going to need this one too so I did.

I made my biggest 2  pairs of shorts. He’s size 8 in height but size 6 in waist. I tapered by the waist so the size 6 waist band would  fit onto the size 8 pants.. I made the mistake of making size 6 leg cuffs as well don’t so that it’s not needed!


You can make long version and include a faux pocket. i haven’t done the pocket but looks a great option to make them a little less pj looking.

As I mentioned on the romper pattern the harem style doesn’t mean kids have a huge baggy crotch area. Big calls them wobbly pants (haha). Due to the less baggy nature they are a great easy to wear fit with room but without  extra fabric bunching up.

They fit great and you have the option of cuffless trousers too.

As with the speedy pants you don’t need any elastic as the waistband is sewn to size to keep the outfit up.

Good Points

  • So fast to make
  • Easy to follow
  • Despite being harems they don’t have a huge baggy crotch so are a great fit
  • Size options are fab for newborn up to age 12!
  • Great fit. I had zero issue getting these to fit first time and look sooooo comfy!

Improvements I’d love

  • As I always moan about I’d love the waistband and leg cuffs as a pattern piece rather than chart
  • A quick section on tapering to size and using multiple sizes would be great as this is a fab beginner pattern but may confuse newbies needing to use multiple size pieces.

If I make again I would be tempted to make the shorts cuffless to give a  looser leg fit and I wouldn’t make mistake of doing the wrong size cuffs either.

As shorts these can be long so you could also do them cuffless for a shorter fit.



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