Making a Dreamcatcher

I decided to give making a dreamcatcher a go so I bought a fairly cheap kit to start. The kit came with a ring, leather, string, feathers, beads and instruction sheet.


To start I had to wrap the leather around the ring. I started by popping on end onto the ring and winding over top of it to secure that end. I found it didn’t quite cover it as thickly as hoped but with a bit of shuffling along it looked presentable.


Next up I needed to make the centre. This was hard and mine was fairly loose but I like it anyway.

  1. knot  your string near the top of ring.
  2. Please string under the ring
  3. Bring string on a needle over top and through the loop you created
  4. Bring your string under again. Repeat to reach first loop
  5. Create you next loop by working into first loop so you essentially work in a spiral.
  6. Come up under first loop, through it and back through loop you just created and continue.


I added beads onto second and last row by thread it onto the needle/string before completing my loop. The middle I kind of just sewed together as wasn’t overly clear how to get it gather. I added leather to the bottom at 3 points and one at top by the strong knot.

Next I threaded beads on and knotted feathers on pushing the beads down to over where I tied it.


Here is my completed dream catcher!! I personally loved this project and love the effect and I’m eager to make more.


For those interested here is the instructions that came with the kit.

This is a great kit for older kids and as a gift either as a kit or made up into the item.

My second attempt went much better and a tighter fit on the leather meant I covered my metal ring better.




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