Summer Romper- FREE pattern and tutorial

This is another free pattern mash up that I wanted to make.

For this I used Made by Rae’s Baby Sunsuit romper tutorial and Shwin and Shwin’s Summer Breeze Dress pattern


I cut out the bodice back, front and straps from the dress. Cut 4 backs, 2 front and 2 straps on the fold or 4 in total. This is because your bodice is lined.

For the base which look like huge knickers I  drew a square that was 1/2 chest plus 3 inches wide and height wise was same measurement as neck to crotch on baby.

Now I apologised for lack of photos here but I’ll try explain easily. I measured the front bodice from neck to hem (long edge) and took this measurement off the square heights. I then added 4 inches to the height.

The 4 inches added to height gives the romper a bubble/baggy effect whilst still sitting at the top of the leg. If you don’t want it to be so baggy just add 2-3 inches or if want fitted just add seam allowance.

I then followed Rae’s advice for drawing out the leg holes taking off about 1 inch for 0-3 month size to leg curve and 1/2 inch either side of crotch width.

Next job I sewed lace onto the front bodice. You don’t have to do this but I wanted some details.

Construct your bodice as per pattern shows by making your straps then adding them to bodice layers as line it. You will need to finish the bottom edge of your bodice off at this point either by a serger or zig zag stitch.

Construct leg holes of bottom as per tutorial on Dana Made it.


Once done both you need to cut some elastic to the same width as the bodice front plus completed back is. (see picture below- top right) Join to form a loop.

Next zip zag stitch in place onto the bottom half of romper. You will need to stretch it a little to fit but once done your bottom half should fit neatly onto bodice without pleating occurring.


(picture above – bottom) To sew together turn bottom half wrong side out (pattern inside) place bodice right side (pattern on outside and facing bottom half pattern) against bottom right side. Sew with straight stitch about 1cm down so to avoid the elastic.


 image image

Add snaps to bottom and a button to bodie and you’re done!

image  image

It’s looks boxy when flat but when worn it is a cute bubble outfit.




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