MBJM Harem Romper Pattern review

Please note I chose to review this pattern after purchasing it and using it for my own use. This was not asked of me.

This romper is a harem romper so the crotch area is slightly lower on the legs. You may think hmmm I don’t really like harem but MBJM’s harem aren’t super low. As seen on my miniature doll it barely looks dropped. This makes it ideal for ALL babies and kids especially cloth bum babies.


You have options like snap fasten neck or normal pull over head style. You can have short or long arms and short or full legs. You also have the option of cuffs to the leg and arms or not.  I made both arm options and love both looks.

I’m sure given a bit of adjusting you could use the hood off your other MBJM patterns to add to this.

I made a newborn size and also miniaturised it for 7 inch and 14 inch dolls.


I did one version without the snaps at the crotch and 2 with. It was fairly easy to do and looks neat with minimum effort. I found the shoulder snap option the neatest and love this new option for my sewing.


Good Points

  • Great sizing options
  • Looks comfy and sweet
  • Multiple options as usual for various looks
  • Great for summer in light jersey but perfect for winter in thicker materials
  • Not as baggy as some harems making it perfect for those who aren’t keen
  • Great for cloth bum babies

Improvements I’d love.

  • Options to add pockets and a hood would be great extras
  • Having a zip up the front hack or even in the back to eliminate the snaps at crotch for older children would be fab.


Overall I loved this pattern as I do all MBJM patterns. I can’t help it.



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