Duck Butt PPT Pattern Review

Please note I chose to review this pattern after purchasing it and using it for my own use. This was not asked of me.

This week I had a go at the Panel Pocket Tee by Duck Butt Designs. I ended up wanting to give this a go due to previously using fabric panels for tops but finding the width of them only good up to age 4 and with an 8 year old I needed a better solution. The PPT is it! Of course there’s other patterns that could work also but this was enough funky style and area to show off the panel without being outrageously difficult to make.

The pattern uses a fair few pattern pieces but you do have option of full sleeves and no pocket to reduce those down. As in my usual style I had to give it a go in miniature. First up was 7 inch doll and I will never make this top that small again! It was hard work, which wasn’t helped by the fabric I used. I adjusted it to fit with shoulder fastening and eliminated the pockets.


Then I tried 14 inch and this was a great size! In fact duck butt sell an american girl version for $2 so you don’t have to do any of the resizing yourself. The pattern has great range of sizes that was recently updated to include pre teen sizes. They also sell a separate adult version.


This pattern does require following the instructions but once you’ve done one it’s really easy to remember the process and the next ones tend to be really fast despite all the pieces.



  • Easy and fast to make once you’ve practised.
  • Full clear instructions that presented no issue.
  • Great for panels
  • Great for using up scraps and smaller bits of fabric , or expensive fabrics you don’t want to use too much of
  • Great options if you want to reduce the work a little.
  • Excellent range of sizes
  • Comfy fit that looks casual but stylish too and a little funky!
  • Free pancake recipe included in pattern


  • Even with the full sleeves and no pockets you have 6-7 pattern pieces and with pockets and split sleeves that shoots up to 10 pieces! This isn’t an issue but  may put some off.
  • You need at least 3-4 different materials which is great if you have scraps but not so great if you’re buying especially for this project. Of course there’s nothing saying you need contrast sides or pockets but it’s kinda the point of this top.
  • No option for short sleeve despite being called a tee, however this is easily done using the full sleeve pattern piece.
  • The extra sizes were added by scrolling sideways on the PDF this can be rather confusing when viewing on a screen and not automatically printing out.

Watch this space for my panel version.



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