Mini Skeins

A recent craze I’ve come across is mini skeins! These are hand dyed hanks of wool in 5-20g weights. For a decent size project you usually need minimum of 1-200g so I wanted to show you what I had got up to with some of mine.

First up was a shades blanket. The idea was each month you got 4 shades on one colour over course of a year- pink, red, orange, yellow, green, lime green, pale blues, darker blues, lilac, purple, grey then undyed for joining. I haven’t finished but here’s my layout plan and progress.

I got a 100g each month in 4 x 25g skeins to make into 16 squares.

This produces a single size blanket approximately if like rectangles or if like squares like me it makes a good couch blanket.

image image

After that club ended I joined a mini skeins club. This is a random club with no set pattern or ideas but great for those wanting a bit of every hand dyed goodiness they see but without the huge cost. This was month 2’s!! This club only ran for 3 months which is a shame but I managed to collect 25 skeins plus I joined another so in total I have 35!!


My first project was a miniature doll’s dress. The free pattern can be found here 


I also made a few newborn headbands with mostly the solid colours. My roundup post can be found here


Now to think up more ideas!! Many people have knitted or crocheted shawls and blankets so if you’re into colour use your imagination!



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