I’m a Work at Home Mum

Nearly 3 years ago I wrote about the True Definition of WAHM so I thought I’d rewrite it.

Littlest is now 3.5 years old  and biggest is 8!!!!!!!!!

Recently littlest is up at 5.30 am ready to wash his favourite programmes. Thankfully not much is required of me as he’s not yet hungry but TMI… you’ve been warned. I mean it if not sure then scroll on but …. he wakes most mornings with a big stinky nappy… yes toilet training is well and truly not happening.

After a mad rush… we’re late every morning despite living 1 minute from school. We can see the back of the school from our front pavement but despite that we rush every morning.

After big is at school depending on the day depends what occurs next. Every other Monday is online food shopping arrival meaning cleaning also occurs.  Fighting off littlest wanting all the yummy food he can see and he very unhelpful help.

Sunday is online food shop being done which takes forever with my slow computer. Fun.

Wednesday is my post office day which doesn’t take too long phew!

By time I’m home and finished doing this bit of tidying that bit of wiping it’s nearly 10. hour or so sewing or cuttings and it’s time to sort lunch out.

Once lunch is sorted and eaten after half an hour not eating, 10 minutes sucking on it rather than chewing and the sudden arrival of overwhelming hunger it’s time to get ready for nursery.

Nappy change, clean clothes, full scrub down and spruce up we’re out the door. Now normally I cycle him to nursery, it’s not far so means I get a little more out of my afternoon than if I walked but if like today your tire is flat, your gate is unlockable and your littlest is the world’s worse walker it doesn’t turn into such a good idea signing him up.

Side story here. We have big double gates which we lock with a bike lock. The bottom thingy that keeps in it in place (technical name escapes me) is zip tied onto the gate on one side and the lock is on at ALL times. Approximately 1 year ago littlest appeared on my door step with the neighbour… he had pushed the locked gate (different lock) and got out through a gap and was seen wandering by the drive way……. he’s not gotten out since but then if daddy takes the key with him neither do I and the pram doesn’t fit through the house.

Once he is dropped off I have 3 hours… well no I don’t. Monday I go to bigs school and help them catch up with reading, Tuesday I sometimes nip into town for supplies getting back just in time for school run. Wednesday is a little easier and I get some quality machine time in. Thursday we go to our new allotment. Friday again is a better day to sew and all weekend is now taken up with gardening whilst trying to squeeze cooking and homework in.

By 7pm most nights I’m too tired to sew or do anything except stare into space hmmm.

This is why I chose quick easy projects and why I’m winding down my sewing because although I’ll miss it I hate hoarding which I seem to be doing lately.

Come september Little is in nursery in mornings who thinks I’ll get more time then?

What’s your crazy I never do what I intend to do schedule



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