Miniature satchel pattern and tutorial FREE


Theres something about small cute things so as littlest is off to nursery I made a miniature school satchel

From leather cut the following (W x H)

back/ front (cut 2)- 7 x 6 cm

flap (cut 2)- 6 x 6 cm

straps (cut 2)- 1 x 7 cm

Sew the flap pieces together on 3 sides (left side) , clip corners and turn out. Sew your front and back together just on one shorter side (right side).


Next job prepare the straps. Fold them in half and sew along cut edge (1). Pin in place on your bag back about 1 cm apart making sure they are central to the piece (2). Mine look of centre because one side is sewn already! Place bag flap in place again ensuring it is central (3)


Sew the flap and bag straps in place. Lift flap up so seam is folded down but flap is up (4). Making sure handles are facing down onto back of bag (5) sew the seam in place folding the remainder of the bags top edge down (6)


Secure straps at bottom of bag (7) and sew the other 2 sides of bag back and front together (8)


Now we need to box the corners. Start by opening up the bag (9) and squashing the corner now ensuring the side seam is inline with the bottom seam (10). Measure across the flattened corner and mark where it measures 2cm across. (11). This is your sewing line. Once complete snip corners off and turn right way out (12). You now have lovely neat corners.


Wear with pride!


You can make miniature accesories next. Book & Pencils.

 image image




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