Domi Joggers by Sofilantjes Pattern review

Please note I chose to review this pattern after purchasing it and using it for my own use. This was not asked of me.


These are basically a jogging bottoms pattern with options! Options are always good and certainly encourage me to buy a pattern.

I decided on my first pair to make with rounded pockets as they looked so fun! Well my first attempt I didn’t ‘listen’ to the pattern and this resulted in unpicking. It asks you to stretch the ribbing on pocket curve and I felt if I did that it would wrinkle up.

The problem with NOT stretching as you sew is it wrinkles you need to stretch the ribbing to create the curve or it ends up too straight and impossible to create. After that dilemma it was a lovely easy pattern to follow.

You have options of square pockets and also different lengths shorts, Bermuda short length, 3/4 length and full length trousers.



  • Easy project that once you are used to it is a very fast make
  • Great options with your own hacks being easy to make too – cuffless, yoga waistband and even other pocket options.
  • Easy to follow instructions with great attention to detail.
  • Great range of sizes 12 months – 6 years
  • Can be made using sweat fabric, french terry and even thinner cotton jersey, interlock and cotton lycra
  • Great style for making stylish but comfy trousers with the option to jazz them up with the pockets.


  • I found the pattern confusing with too many lines criss crossing and although it would have increased pages and file size for the amount of sizes provided separating them into 2 lots would have been simpler for  cutting out. Other option is to print each size on its own using the tiling
  • Pockets take some practice but are a great addition to otherwise a simple pattern
  • Sizing is way too off for me. My son is age 3 with approx age 2-3 sizing for trousers with 3 being now sizing and 4 being next. I made a size 4 with cuffs and they would have fit my age 8 son. The next pair I cut a size 3 and no cuffs and are still massive in the leg
  • At $8.95 this may be slightly overpriced. The only thing to set it apart from other patterns are he pockets. The leg length and cuff options are easily added to another simpler pattern but pattern price is an individual opinion
  • To conclude I can’t see myself wanting to use this pattern again when I have others I rely more on that the sizing doesn’t need so much adjusting on

image image


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