Laundry Day Tee from Love Notions- Pattern Review

Please note I chose to review this pattern after purchasing and using it for my own use. This review was not asked of me.

Like the Dress I made I need some tops to flatter me not cling and not tent out and this was what was recommended. This top is great and is called the Laundry Day Tee. Many have said it is free if sign up to Love Notions newsletter but I didn’t find this worked at all so ended up buying but at $4.00 which works out under £3.00 it’s a bargain and worth buying for the range of sizes and hacks you can do. You can also make a top or tunic version.

As you can see it is fairly flattering it skims over everything on the front without making me look bigger and floats out at the back. I used the colour block option as I didn’t have a lot of the flower fabric and the effect is so pretty.

Love notions provides tutorials for colour blocking, slimming the top down and adding a cowl. A love notion affiliate has created a dress version!

 image image

I wore my top on a day out and was so comfy. It sits lovely at the neck without being too low and doesn’t ride up due to the style of it. All bonuses for  a woman shaped like I am who hate uncomfortable clingy clothing.



  • Great style and fab fit for ALL sizes and shapes
  • Hides multitude of lumps and bumps for the larger lady and flatters a skinnier body perfect for any size lady who may be self conscious about their body (see pattern listing for pictures of various sized ladies)
  • Great style hacks available online to increase your options which are- making into a dress, colour blocking, slimming the sides for more fitted look and a cowl neck
  • Pattern has it’s own option with 3 different sleeve lengths (short, 3/4 and full), garment length (shirt and tunic) and neck (rounded and v-neck)
  • Great value for money unless you manage to get it for free!
  • Love notions have a very helpful facebook group for when something doesn’t fit right.
  • Can be bought in child size including a bundle for both so the younger girls in your life doesn’t miss out.


  • I didn’t get it for free booooo but apparently you can find the code on their support group but was still worth the cost I paid.
  • Uses about 2 metres of fabric which isn’t too bad for block colours but for the more expensive printed and custom fabrics can work out a lot especially in the UK (this isn’t something that would make me not buy it though and you can always colour block)
  • I found it slightly baggy at back not so much for my comfort but more the look of it. However it won’t stop me making more and there’s lots of help on the facebook group to help with any issues like this.

After my first I went on to make one with cotton jersey, long sleeves with cuffs and I love it even more with long sleeves!!

 image imageimage

I also had a go at making the dress hack but you’ll have to excuse my pictures my ‘photographer’ wasn’t quite feeling the focus today. As you can see once again fits nice in the right areas, doesn’t cling to bad areas but doesn’t look like a huge tend and a HUGE bonus I don’t look pregnant it in which I have found to be an even HUGER issue in recent years!

13120800_10201575309182102_412663409_o 13120682_10201575308862094_1883581656_o 13120415_10201575308822093_1842892798_o



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