Winter Pjs by Peekaboo Pattern Review

Please note I chose to review this pattern after purchasing it and using it for my own use. This was not asked of me.


After trawling the shops for pyjamas that were both fun and cheap I gave up. Even in the cheap (they wash badly) shops there were £7 a pair. So I decided I would make some myself with material I had already. I was able to make both kids a set each for around £6 but I had scraps left over that then would make parts of another pair so it was much cheaper for me to do.

I chose this pattern because I had it handy from buying years ago.

The pattern creates tight fitting pjs that sized up make great daytime tee and leggings. The pattern is fairly simple. Top with sleeves, cuffs and neck binding. Trousers are cuffs with elasticated waist.

The sizings last well and it’s great fun to come up with various combos or just use the same fabric throughout


Each set are my kids favourite pjs as well so that’s a huge bonus. You can use any jersey to make these and doesn’t affect the fit so long as you prewash before hand. I used cotton jersey, cotton lycra and interlock. I also used ribbing for some cuffs and the main fabric for others. Both worked well but the ribbing cuffs seem bulkier to me.

The waist you simple line up your elastic loop with edge of trousers zig zag stitch in place, fold down and secure. No casings, no extra sewing just nice and quick!

I chose to shorten the sleeves and legs on some of them but this isn’t included in the pattern.


Good Points

  • Great size range meaning I can make for both kids
  • Lovely fit and useable for years to come.
  • Can be sized up or left as they are for daytime wear as well
  • Waist band is such a great simple method
  • Quick make

Bad points

  • Would be great to have shorts and tee option for summer as an extra (let’s face it there’s only an extra line to add.)
  • The option to have sleeves and legs cuffless
  • Also as I mentioned in previous patterns it’s a bug bear of mine that cuff pattern pieces are not included.




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