Crochet Headband Roundup

I have been busy making Crochet headbands recently. I own reborn dolls and elastic headbands are just not ‘hair’ friendly so I decided a batch of soft headbands would be great!

Here’s what I made and the links I used to create them.

Heart bow.

I used DK yarn then chained to circumference of the head twice and attach it to the bow with slip stitches. This is an easy make but you do need to concentrate and a few stitch markers may make it even easier.


Big flower

I used the flower from a hat pattern and again I used DK yarn and made a simple DC (US) band. I then put a bead in the middle of the flower to neaten it up.


Big bow

This turned out huge using DK yarn so using thinner yarn, smaller hook or even reducing your rows will all change the sizing of this bow.

image image

Baby Headband

I call this the garter headband because it really does look like one but don’t be put off this is a really nice headband and although looks wide when make it’s a great fit on small heads. I threaded a contrast ribbon through and secured then placed a bow that I layer lace over to hide the join.




I also made a few bands to put existing bows on. This is a great option for a gentler band but when you want material or ribbon decoration. For children I wouldn’t recommend this but for adults who collect reborns you can pop safety pins on the bottom of bows and interchange your bow using the same band


Four Strand Plaited Band

You need to chain 4 strands a little longer than will fit round head. As you plait it will shorten.

I started off with a short sc row and attached my chains to that to keep them together and to provide myself with a flat section to join at the end.

Start by plaiting your first 3 strands as you normally would. Then place the fourth strand (right side) under the strand next to it.

Strand 1 over strand 2, strand 3 over strand 1 (in number 2 position) then bring strand 4 under strand 1 (now in number 3 position) and repeat.


The photo does it no justice but you end up with a plait that looks like a middle strand running through it.image

Daisy headband

Every baby called Daisy needs a daisy headband. I used this Daisy pattern for the flower and this dreamweaver headband for the base. You will need to download the base direct on ravelry.


Easy Lace Headband

This was a great quick project and looks great.


Mini Skein Projects

I made a few using 5-10g balls of hand dyed yarn. From Left to right: Butterfly (with simple chain band), Chevron, Heart and Simple flower (bottom- download on ravlery)



Flowery Headband

I sed this Pearly Girl ravelry download as the base


I then used a variety of flower and lead patterns found for free online to complete as I didn’t like the flowers that came as part of the original pattern.


Sealife Headband

I used a ripple pattern to make a headband to represent the waves. I then used various parts of patterns to complete the rest: Fish and Seagrass 

The Shell was my own pattern and isn’t written up.


Little Bow Baby Headband

Super fast make and you could use any yarn to make various sizes. Would look great as a layered bow also and is perfect for newborns as only small.


Ladybird Headband

For this band I used the applique from these shoes, and the Headband for the Office pattern.






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