Peasant Dress Romper- FREE pattern & tutorial


Before we start this isn’t a comprehensive tutorial because you will be using 2 existing FREE patterns and tutorials to complete this cute romper!

Start by printing off just the top part and sleeves of this Peasant dress by Sew Much Ado . Then you will need these Newborn trousers from Made by Rae but add approx. 1 extra cm to hem. If you use a dress pattern that comes in a full piece cut about 2.5 inches below the armpits.

I made mine in newborn size which would fit 0-3 month size baby too. I found no adjustment was needed to width of dress or trousers should you use a different pattern ensure the waist width when sewn is same as the bottom hem of top section. You of course could make trousers or top wider on purpose and gather  with elastic instead of adding at end. Be sure to check it will fit around the crotch also.

I made the top o the dress as per instructions right up to hemming. The trousers I followed for creating the legs. I then  turned up the hem but left a gap to thread elastic through. If you don’t want gathered legs don’t add the extra and follow pattern except for waist.

Now you will need to turn top inside o and trousers right way out. Match the side seams of both by placing the top over the trousers so the waist of trousers and bottom hem of dress meet. I sewed this in place.

Next I cut some elastic to 16 inches and joined to form a band. I pinned this onto the seam allowance we just created joining the pieces and zigzag into place which at same time finished the edge off. By  joining the elastic to the seam allowance inside you get the joy of an elastic waist without any stitches showing or creating a casing. If you plan for this to be worn without a vest underneath you may need to create a soft casing for the elastic before sewing in.




Here is same peasant dress used with the bottom section added to complete the actual dress. It’s a lovely simple design perfect for beautiful fabrics.




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