Cheap, easy Minecraft gift ~ FREE hama charts

My eldest has been invited to a party this week but as always seems to happen I’m too skint to shell out for a gift. This is where being a crafty mum and kid comes in handy! He has been obsessed with making hama bead things and is very good at it too so I suggested making some funky things for his friend. These are FAB for minecraft items as they tend to have a blocky look to them which coincidentally minecraft does also.


The easiest option for the face was a creeper face, 2 colours and a happy birthday sticker. I was told it was AWESOOOOME! To make your own use my template: creeper face.


L-R: Purple diamond, dagger and ghast

I’d had these small canvases sitting around for ages and a project I meant to do never happened. I got them from the works a few years ago. I stuck each one down with silicone glue as it’s all I had to hand but apparently PVA or hot glue would work well also.

To make your own I created easy to follow charts for you using a square bead board.

Excuse the wider boxes on this one it was only way to fit the single bottom square on. Create your gem as if all the boxes were same size : gem

This was done in colours we had but chart is in more accurate colours:  dagger

We used glow in the dark beads but you can use a combination of grey, white and black or just all one colour. The legs are done to imitate them moving: ghast

My eldest loved his friends present so much he made himself a ghast canvas too. These cost me nothing (today) to make and are unique but fun enough to excuse the face they are homemade.



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