MBJM Speedy Pants Pattern Review

Please note I chose to review this pattern after testing and using it for my own use. This review was not asked of me.


I first tried the speedy pants pattern when I tested the pattern before release. My son needed new pants, I had a ton of scraps no good for clothes and I didn’t want to spend £7 on 3 pairs of star wars ones so we agreed he could have funky ones made by me.

The pattern is now released and FREE! You can access it on craftsy or find the MBJM sewing group on facebook and it’s in the files.

The pattern includes pattern for briefs and boxers suitable for both genders aged from 6 months to 12 years. The boxers are one layer throughout but the briefs have a gusset layer for extra comfort.


Top tip: measure your child to fit these. My son is 8 but fits age 3 in the waist but age 4 & 5 for the rise and a looser fit. You may wish to topstitch them too or give them a good iron to flatten to cuffs.


He reported them to be very comfy and although the first pair he was unsure of the waist once we put a smaller band on he was happy.

The great thing about these is you don’t need elastic so they fit a lot softer on the skin. You can use jersey, cotton lycra or ribbing for the legs and waist and all work great. Some sewers have even lengthened the boxer leg and gone without ribbing. Below: Pink waist is ribbing, teal waist is cotton lycra and patterned waist is cotton jersey.




  • Uses scraps of fabric even the tiniest bits
  • great fit and comfy for all ages and genders
  • FREE pattern!!
  • Fantastic range of sizes
  • Great sewing group on facebook to help determine the right size for your child
  • Quick sew- takes me 20 mins per pair and are even easier when make a few at once.
  • Easy, clear instructions
  • Your funky scraps don’t go to waste and you save money in the process (only works if have everything you need 😉 )


  • Not so much a bad point but the option to make the boxers without cuffs speed this project up even more plus you wouldn’t need to fuss with flattening them.
  • I’m kinda lazy and like when my patterns include the bands this does not and requires me drawing my own (which I keep losing)
  • Again not a bad point and not a fault of the pattern but may confuse some having to use different sizes for one part and another size for another (i.e. main section and waist band) but I promise it’s really easy to combine sizes.

My boys are 5 years apart in age but only 1-2 in underwear sizing so it can get a little confusing when doing the washing so I popped different ribbon on the outside to help me 🙂





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