Making Tab Top Curtains from a duvet set.

My son needed curtains but I didn’t want to pay min £15 for a pair of black out curtains so I decided to use a cheap thin duvet cover instead. I did need to purchase black out material but that cost me under £6 so was still a bargain project. If you use blinds and just  want an extra covering this project will be free!

I started by cutting off the popper strip from the bottom of the duvet cover. I plan to make one curtain that is double layered because it really is very thin. If you need 2 curtains you will need to unpick the seam along the other edges.


You now need to determine how big to make your tabs. The curtain pole I’m using is fairly close to the top of the window so I needed them as small as possible but still allowing fluid movement so I settled on 3.5 inches adding on an inch for sewing together. I then chose to have 10 tabs approx 2 inches wide adding on 0.5 inch for sewing together. To decide on how many tabs work out the gap they will fit on the pole and ensure they aren’t all bunched up or you’ll not be able to open them


To create less sewing I cut my tabs on the fold meaning I need 9 squares 4.5 x 4.5 inches. I used the pillowcase to make the tabs and again as it was thin I decided to make the abs using both layers.


Once sewn iron flat. You will now need to sew your duvet cover up. Sew from the bottom about 2/3 wat up and fasten off. Starting from top sew about 5-10 cm down leaving a gap just enough to turn. Doing the gap part way down means you don’t have any fiddling corners to deal with.


Turn right side out and iron the seam you just sewed. Tuck under raw edges and top stitch in place as close to edge as possible. You may wish to match your thread to hide this join and when hanging make sure this line is near the top.


Next up cut out your backing. Most blackout materials don’t fray so you can get away with not hemming which I will as I hate hemming long straight edges. Cut the backing about 0.5 inches smaller than the curtain all around except top edge needs to be almost flush to top.

You need to now pin your tabs into place. Position the raw edge of  tabs max of 0.5 down from the top edge and spread evenly ensuring you have one near both edges no more than 0.25 inches from edge. I  wanted 3.5 inch gap between tabs but found 6 inches  better, as you can see 3.5 inches was just too close and I would have need twice the amount of tabs which wouldn’t have fit on the pole.


Place backing over the tabs so they overlap min of 0.25 inches and sew into place along the top edge only. You may wish to do an extra line of stitching to secure the tabs.


You’re done.  You can now hang your curtains happy knowing you did it free or cheaply. Not best picture because when you block the light out it doesn’t work as well for pictures.




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