Making Miniature Clothes- Tips and hints.

Many people ask me how I do clothes so small and is it hard. Well no it’s not hard it’s all in the construction so here a mini written guide to help you.

Tips for cutting:

  • For t-shirts and pull over the head clothes extend one shoulder and create a fastening tab to make neck hole wider
  • For woven blouses and dresses create back opening from neck to hem you can dress your doll so much easier just remember to add to middle section so doesn’t gape
  • Remember to add ease! It can be hard to know exactly how much so unless it is a purposely baggy item I add 4 cm  to the body’s chest measurement which includes seam allowance also.
  • Be sure to check the rest of the measurements like neck, length, top of arm and leg. If others don’t match it won’t fit.
  • You can always cut straps bigger and trim down.

Tips for sewing tops:

  • Sew everything flat!
  • Sew sleeves in before constructing sides.
  • Any top stitching needs to be done whilst garment is flat
  • For stretch items make shoulder on one side bigger so you can have a fastening. It’s fairly easy putting t-shirts on over a dolls head but it’s so much easier when you can unsnap the shoulder.
  • If your garment requires bnds work on notion they need to be 80% of the tops width. Alternatively you can cut the same width as top but forego seam allowance so when sewn end up slightly smaller
  • Be sure to snip every loose thread or you risk catching small delicate fingers and toes.
  • Finish are edges as you go because once constructed you will not get in there to do it
  • Go slow

Here is a dress tutorial that helps show the construction of an open backed garment with sleeves.

This is the result of not adding ease or seam allowances. The dungarees being worn are a great fit with room to move and working pockets the ones unworn are too tight and difficult to get on.




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