Baby gro to baby romper

We all have those baby gros that are too tight in the feet but fits everywhere else, or it’s too long but fleecy so can’t wait to be worn later. Well why not change it to a footless romper and get some use from it! This would work for summer rompers that are too long for shorter children but too short to use as trousers, just add a cuff.

Start by cutting off the foot. Straighten it out and cut above the foot seam at back. If transforming something too long then cut at the right length to hit child’s ankle. If it’s a short romper you’re adding to either cut the hem off or unpick it.


Once you’ve cut the back of foot cut at a slight angle (towards toes) along front.

Lay the gro out flat, straighten edges and check both new legs are same length. Next try on your baby to determine how much more you need to add. I wanted to make this as a shorts romper but if you’re adding a lot then a funky contrast may work better.

image image

Measure how wide the legs are this will be the width of your cuff.


I wanted a 1 inch cuff so I cut 2 cuffs that are  twice the width of leg x twice the depth of cuff wanted plus SA (6 inch width x 2.5 inch depth). We don’t add seam allowance to the width as you want it to be slightly tighter than gro leg and i added 0.5 inch seam allowance to depth.


Place short sides of cuffs right sides together and sew using 1 cm seam allowance.

Flatten seam of the cuff and bring the 2 ends together. Fold rest of cuff up so seam is inside and right side of ribbing is inside. You can use jersey or cotton lycra for the cuffs too.


Turn gro inside out and place cuff into leg so the inside leg seam matches the cuff seam. Stretch to fit  and sew in place.


You have cute cuffs on your gro now and will last even longer! You could do same with sleeves and create some cute summer pjs cheaply.




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