Doll’s Hair hat.

Start with a hat that fits snugly to the dolls head.

My doll is 23 cm head circumference. I did a sc foundation row as these tend to stretch better and are excellent for a snug fit. Here’s my instructions.

  1. sc foundation row  till chain measures 21cm and join.
    (when doing for bigger or smaller do you foundation row till shorter than HC (figure 1) and gently stretch it to the length of HC. This is so it fits but doesn’t shift about on the head. Too tight and will be difficult to get on. Figure 2 shows it stretched but too tight, figure 3 is stretched and just right)
    image image
  1. sc in each stitch and join to first.
  2. repeat row 2
  3. *sc in 5, sc2tg* repeat to end and sc in any remaining. Join.
  4. Repeat row 2
  5. *sc in 4, sc2tg* repeat to end and sc in any remaining. Join
  6. Repeat row 2
  7. Repeat row 2
  8. Repeat row 4
  9. Repeat row 4
  10. *sc2tg, sc in next 6* Repeat to end and sc in any remaining. Join
  11. *sc in 3, sc2tg* Repeat to end and sc in any remaining. Join
  12. *sc in 2, sc2tg* Repeat to end and sc in any remaining. Join
  13. sc2tg and join. Fasten off with a short length of wool
  14. Thread that length through the last row and pull closed. You will need to do this inside the hat so doesn’t show. Tie off.
  15. You will now need to pop hat on your doll. I chose to do a fringe and pigtail style so I marked where the fringe should start and finish width wise and popped stitch markers on the row it would come from.


Measure with wool how long you want the fringe to be and fold the strand in half.



You will now need 2 strands of wool per hole so cut them out ready.

Start by threading a wool needle with a long length of wool. Knot it inside the hat by one side of where fringe will go and pull through to outside. Fold 2 strands on wool over and insert needle through middle.


Insert needle into hole next to strand securing one side.


Then push it through inside and up through hole next to strand. Reinsert into middle and bring the needle to hole above. Your strands should now be secured in 3 places. Repeat along the row to create a fringe.


Try on your doll to check looks ok and trim. You may wish to do a lighter layer with one strand underneath to create thicker fringe but do it about 2 rows below to stop the top row sticking out.

Now it’s a case of adding wool in the same way around the hat. Start along bottom edge and do at least 2 rows (2 rows apart) . Next like we did with fringe you will need to create a back part to cover back of head without adding a full row so pop it on doll and mark where you will need to cover just back crown.


You can then go on to do top section both sides to cover top of hat. You may chose to do more wool than me but I only did top row, 2 bottom rows, back row and the fringe.

Using ribbon tie into pigtails.




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