Jumper Dress for 6 inch Ellery by Amy Carrico – Pattern Review

Please note I chose to write this review after buying and using pattern for my own use. I was not asked to write this review and is my own words and pictures.

After searching for crochet patterns for my 7 inch clay doll I found many were for smaller, wider dolls and in my opinion expensive for what they were. Then I came across this pattern – Jumper Dress– after searching for 6-9 inch dolls in hope to adjust. This is for a 6 inch doll so I upped a half hoo size and added extra rows to onesie torso to make it fit. The dress fit perfectly.

With the pattern you get booties and hat to make as well as the vest and dress. For £3.30 bargain compared to many others I have seen.


The onesie worked up fairly fast but I found the initial section confusing at first. You work the pattern bottom down by crocheting the crotch to hips then rejoining to do the back. You then work in rounds and rows to form the onesie in one piece.

The dress was super easy and quick to work up with a cute faux lace underlayer added to hem.


The booties again were quick and made to look like mary jane shoes with frilly socks. The hat I found a challenge as falls off my dolls head but the whole set is so cute and would work is so many different colour combinations too.


The onesie is great to go with other outfits as well. I wish I had made a white version but at time I didn’t know if would have enough thread and I kind of like the silver now.



  • Great value for money with choice of whole outfit or separate parts to mix and match
  • With some effort you could make the dress into a skirt and the onesie into a top, playsuit or jumpsuit.
  • Lovely simple but pretty design
  • Easy instructions once get past initial starting point
  • Quick project but took just as long as a full size baby dress might


  • A few simple progress pictures would have made this even better and would have save some confusion
  • I wish the designer did more outfits especially geared towards both genders as these sizes for good price are so hard to find.
  • Small buttons are hard to find and think stating the right width of button to get would have helped me collect supplies before starting
  • Personally didn’t like the hat style for my doll and think a pretty bonnet or headband would have been better.

Overall I bought this for the clothes and I love it! This pattern has encouraged me to use more thread in my projects and given me the fire to make more tiny clothes.

As you can see it looks simple adorable on.



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