Eclipse top and dress by MBJM Pattern Review

Please note I have chosen to write this review in my own words without request due to buying and using this pattern for my own use.

What can I say about this pattern apart from I’m a little obsessed with it! You can buy this from Made by Jacks Mum website or from Etsy- MBJM Eclipse T-shirt and Dress. This pattern is from newborn to age 8. You can make a t-shirt, hooded top, dress without or without hood and with my usual adjustments I’ve found it great for making hooded onesies for babies.

This was my first one. After being bought a hooded top for him and me loving it on him to making my own version that wasn’t quite right I came across this top. It is a fairly baggy fit and he’s wearing a size 4 here but I’ve since made for friends and they look great!


Here are a couple t-shirt options as you can tell it looks great in combos and block colour with applique (which btw is very hard on jersey for a novice jersey applique-r).

image image

Same shirt but with no hood and looks great again but I do personally prefer this top as a hooded version but that’s just me. These are size 1 and 5. imageimage

At first I was unsure of the cross over hood style and worried it would add bulk to it or get in way. But it really doesn’t. As it’s a top you use thinner jersey instead of thicker hoodie suitable fabrics so creates a lovely soft neckline. The hood is a great thing too. You cut out on two fold so the only seam runs up the back and you don’t get that boxy look some hoods can have.


To make the onesie version I used the ringer onesie to extend it to the crotch. This became tricky and wouldn’t say was a very easy hack so therefore would say to use MBJM’s pattern that is same instead. The ringer onesie is a slimmer fit and when I matched the waists to extend the crotch area it ended up about 3 inches too long. If you do the same I recommend giving the ringer more ease and adjusting the MBJM hood to fit.  If I decide to make more I will be buying the pattern though.


The other problem I found is it make the leg arch a bit square which for a reborn (below) is perfect a baby not so much.


Next up was the dress version. I had some jersey scraps so doll versions had to made. The pattern doesn’t come with doll sizes so I used my favourite method to scale down to 8 and 14 inch doll sizes.

The smallest size I made in short sleeves as was pretty difficult to get on an 8 inch clay doll with anything longer. I accidentally made the doll versions with t-shirt length torso so they have low waists when shouldnt but for the dolls it works.



I then made child versions and made same mistake of cutting the waist too low. It looks a little unusual!!


I then finally got it right and boy does it help to get it right haha. It looks boxy and shapeless on a hanger but when it’s on it looks great. (see below)




  • Great value for money with so many options to use.
  • Clear size charts- I ended up making a size 7 for a 3 year old based on her measurements and fit perfectly.
  • Quick easy construction with full details to maximise ease and minimise any ugly parts like start and end of sewing.
  • Simple design that doesn’t get old and can be used endlessly. Also great for pj tops, gifts or with a bit of fixing onesies and doll clothes.


  • I think it would benefit from extra sizes as t-shirts and dresses don’t really have an age limit.
  • A package to get the parts you need and don’t need would be great. This pattern is great and worth it just for the t-shirt option but for someone like me with 2 sons they may find the dress option unuseable. I’d also love the option to add MBJM’s onesie pattern to this pattern without buying a whole new pattern. It’s not a bad point but think would certainly make me love it even more (if that’s even possible)
  • I can’t stop making it… literally!
  • There are way TOO many options I could try!!!! I’ll never make anything else again hehe and possibly never eat again with all the fabric options I’d love to try

Overall I love this pattern and look forward to a time when bundles are an option.




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