Circle Skirt by Dana Made It- Pattern Review

Please note I chose to write this review after using this pattern for my own use and was not asked to write this and all pictures are my own.

The Little Baby Circle Skirt by Dana Made It  comes in one size- Newborn. It is a great size for 0-3 months babies too with a little extra added to length and a little taken off the waist. It comes to above knee so won’t interfere with baby wanting to kick and easy access for nappy changing.


You simple sew on an elastic waistband and then hem it.

Super quick and easy project that uses a FQ so it’s really handy for those cute fabrics you can only afford a tiny amount of.


I made a matching headband from the scraps left over from waist circle and looks so cute teamed with a plain jumper, blouse or t-shirt.


You can use many tutorials out there to create your own size of circle skirt then use Dana Made it’s instructions for sewing on an exposed waistband which unless you plan to wear the skirt with a tucked in  or cropped top doesn’t show. You can now purchase different colours and patterns of elastic so you could make a fun statement if waistband was to be on show. Dana also has a tutorial for dyeing your own elastic so now you aren’t limited.

I made this version using online instructions to make a bigger version with the Dana made it waistband. Since making this though I have spotted Dana now has a tutorial for making your own with simple easy instructions. Check it out- The Circle Skirt



  • Uses little fabric so you can finally buy that £12 a metre fabric and still make something cute
  • Cute design
  • Easy and fast to make
  • No measuring needed just print, cut & sew
  • Great for newborns with shorter length
  • Depending on fabric you chose can turn out to be a cheap sew
  • Great gift with so many options for use- tulle underlayer or you could layer organza to make a pretty fairy like skirt
  • It’s FREE!


  • Wish it came in bigger sizes as sometimes working out circle skirts for kids is headachey even with instructions- I want a pattern!
  • May be no good for cloth bum babies as may end up shorter length which means your FQ project just turned into a metre project unless you like the short skirt look.
  • If you have no tags you can’t hide the elastic join. You could use ribbon or add a bow like I did on the last picture

Overall a great easy project if looking for a fast sew with no fuss and in newborn size but for right price I would buy a ready drawn version to save me needing to do math for bigger versions.



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