Cardigan, hat and shoe baby set

This was my last complete item of 2015! It was inspired by fair isle cardigans I had seen but didn’t quite match the yarn I had so using some patterns I made my own set with saami inspired colours. Please note I work in american crochet terms.


  IMG_1851 Click the picture for cardigan link. I used Stylecraft special DK in white and lipstick and Scachenmayr Bravo color in Rio

I used Karen’s X stitch Baby Cardigan for this one. I followed up to row 9 as per pattern alternating colours with 2 white rows between last yoke row. I then did DC rows to row 15 as I wanted this for a boy. Row 16 was a sc cross stitch row, followed by white sc row and another sc cross stitch row. Finishing with a DC row. Then without fastening off as per pattern I edged the hem, neck and button edges with sc.

For sleeves I did one DC row in white then red row in DC cross stitch to mirror the rows on main body. I then continued for 4 rows doing DC. Next row was sc cross stitch follow by row  9 of original pattern in white and a last row of sc cross stitch. I finished with row 10 in white and row 11 done 3 times as I felt the sleeves to be too short for a newborn.

I then added 5 plain white buttons for fastening matching them up with 3 rows between each.


Click the picture above for hat pattern

For the hat I used the Mathieu pattern by Mamma that Makes. This is a newborn size made in 10 ply yarn but I only had 8 ply. So I used 4.5 mm hook and it worked up great for a newborn head. I added an extra DC row at end to bring it further down onto ears and fits great.


I had more issue with shoes I wanted mary jane style shoes that would suit boys and girls but most were for 9 cm feet and I needed 8-8.5cm. So I used Mary Jane Skimmer Booties from Craftsy. You will need to sign up if not already but it is free. I used 3-6 month pattern with 8 ply yarn and a 3.5 mm hook. The shoes are still slightly loose so would recommend using 0-3 pattern or just using socks to help bulk the foot out. I chose to use the coloured yarn for base of foot to keep main body of shoe plain and matching.


Hope you like and would be great to see your colour versions of this set.


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