Crimplene Nappy and Jumpsuit

I had the chance to get a whole metre of crimplene for £1 on ebay. I’ve been told it gets hot to wear and well I got feelings even at £1 some didn’t see it was a great find or bargain.

But me being me I was made up and I only planned to make doll clothes anyway. These fabric would also make good coats for a child or as suggested to me a winter skirt.

I decided to make my doll a custom nappy and a kimono jumpsuit.

Great site for links

For nappy I used click the first photo

Download onto adobe otherwise you don’t get right sizing if like me you copy off the screen.

As this was for a doll I made sure the sizing was right before I started I didn’t want an adjustable nappy as I want to reduce bulk in the front. I also decided to do slight padding to give the doll a squidgy bum but didn’t require to soak in liquid. Like a real nappy I use suede cloth core mostly because it’s cheap and thin.

 nappy (2)

The pattern itself was easy to copy off great shape and easy to sew. It does come with instructions for poppers but with a little decrease before copying off and extra 1 cm off the leg curves I found it a great first size nappy. Even without the size decrease this is a great fit and size. The leg curve I would say bring in a little if like small nappies.

nappy nappy1

As you can see by the fit on the doll this is a great nappy for higher leg holes to give baby extra freedom with the right amount of cute bulge. Due to the stretch in crimplene and how well it washes its great for nappies. However it’s not known for breathability so may contribute to nappy rash. Excellent for dolls though!


With the rest ( I say rest but I’ve tons left over) I made a kimono jumpsuit with cuffs.

This pattern is designed to made with fleece so it seemed the right one for crimplene as it has a degree of stretch. Another easy sew that suits the fabric well. The tutorial gives advice on how to increase and decrease areas of the pattern to suit your baby. I took off a few inches on sleeves and legs to include ribbed cuffs as I just love them.

romper close romper front

The pattern has a little crotch/butt patch to accommodate a nappy without being tight or sagging.

 romper gusset

Hope you loved my modern makes with vintage fabric.


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