Superhero Cape and Newborn Mask – pattern and tutorial

Tutorial for making any size cape and pattern for a newborn superhero mask


I bought a babygro from ebay to go with the cape. My text of choice was sleepy superhero but you could have anything on there.


First to start you will need measurements: length from neck to hem of cape. ( I did it to the knees) and neck.

My measurements were length 9 inches and 15 cm ( I know I know… they should be same value sorry)

With a compass or string on a pencil draw a circle using neck measurement as your diameter. From here you can draw  the cape and the fastenings.

Draw down the centre from top to bottom and left to right to form a cross in the circle. From the horizontal line measure across and down the length you want cape. Add 1cm for seam allowance and join the lines with a curve. To create a curve measure from the curve of neck every few cm then join the marks to create your curve.

When you cut this out be sure to add 1cm above the smaller curve for seam allowance . Cut 2.

1-Fullscreen capture 23122015 131017

To create your fastenings with the same circle decide on strap width I chose 3cm as it will be for a newborn so need it small. From the curve measure IN the width of strap plus 1cm overall for seam allowance (will be 0.5cm when you sew). As you did for the cape curve mark little dots along and join to create bottom curve. Extend the line out from line as shown below for cross over at front and extra so sandwich between cape layers. I added 1cm to top of curve and 3cm for the cross over. Cut 4.

EDIT my picture shows strap drawn on outside I realise now this makes the straps too big but drawing it INSIDE the circle makes them correct. Alternatively you can draw outside of the circle and tie them. Please note tying isn’t considered safe so would only be suitable as a prop under supervision. For play item velcro is best


Now you need to add your superhero symbol. As my superhero is sleepy I went for a moon and star with his initial. You need to pin and sew this onto the centre back before constructing cape. I used felt  but you could use any material.

Below is the link to same font I used and all the letters in capital plus the moon and star. The font it Betty Noir and is a free font.



Now you need to apply velcro to the straps. Do this before making them. Then right sides together sew round with 0.5cm seam allowance and turn out. Leave the straight edge unsewn as this will be hidden in cape layers.

Lay your straps on outer layer with the sticky velcro facing down and soft velcro facing up. This is so when sewn the rougher hook part is facing away from the child’s skin.


Lay your two cape pieces right sides together ensuring straps are sandwiched inside and sew round. Start on a straight edge and leave a gap for turning. Turn out iron and top stitch to close the gap. You could use a contrasting colour so it stands out or you.


Next up the mask. This is for a newborn baby. it may fit up to 2 months but you’ll have to test that. The mask should be 12cm from one side to the other. Measure around babies head take off the 12cm and you’ve got strap measurement. You could use length of elastic or split in 2 add enough for seam allowance and cross over and use a fabric and velcro strap.


I cut mine out using felt sewed round outside and inside on the 2 layers sandwiching he straps.


Voila DONE!



I’d love to see your makes from this tutorial


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