Angel Gown Decorations

Here are some ideas for decorating your angel gowns.

When using fabric

You can use subtly decorated polycotton, cotton or satin.

Adding a bow at top and lace on hem makes it less plain.


Overlay lace panels. If you don’t have enough create a top or skirt and use lace to hide the seam.


Using Wedding Dresses

Centre pattern over lace and decorative parts to have an easy ready done decoration. You can cut decorative parts from lace and hand sew on.

image image

You may come across embroidered dresses which need no extras or dresses with organza layers which can be gathered to create a lovely princess dress effect. I used lace to hide seam  here but you can sew it so edges are hidden under the organza layer.


Remember to only decorate the front. Firstly this is all that is seen. It reduces bulk at back and make the items easier to use.

Sequins and beads should only  be used in centre, anything too close to edge will cut into baby’s skin.

Buttons are no good either. Ties give an adjustable fit which is most important when dealing with angel babies.

Lastly remember no matter how many pretty bits of lace or wedding material you can use not all angels are girls and boy suitable gowns are needed also.




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