The Elves Arrived!


Remember my North Pole breakfast post well it happened.

I got up at 6am after a night on the couch to ensure they didn’t hear me sneak down. Phew.

I estimated I’d only need 30 minutes top it look me 50 minutes to prepare as I gently moved spoons one by one out the way to find the right ones. I had thought to set table night before with table cloth and  everything else but not spoons!

Finished just in time.


The food. So hard to photograph Glitter jelly when it’s pitch black outside but they look great and you barely it’s in jars.

Yum yum although the fruit candy canes were severely overlooked!


These were more successful than thought and were scoffed pretty fast. After few hours rest we then had porridge.imageimage

image  image image

After all that fun it’s good to restock your energy levels


Will you be doing one? We’d love to see pictures


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