Frugal Living

So further to my previous post about being Frugal when Shopping I wanted to tell you of more ways I’ve noticed to reduce cost or at least make the most of your money.

The other day we needed potatoes. There was a pack for £1.00 and a pack for 69p. The £1 pack looked bigger so thought I’ll get those but then I looked closer.

Both packs were 1.5kg both were british white potatoes and get this both were angus variety. The only difference one pack had bigger potatoes so unless you’re making jacket potatoes it makes sense to buy the cheaper packet. You may think for sake of 30p it doesn’t matter but look at that saving over say a year. We buy potatoes every fortnight and probably spend £20-30 on fruit and veg. Now 30p saving each time is 60p a month that’s £7.20 over the year. Imagine you buy weekly. You could cover a weeks or half a week food with the saving.

Now looking at labels. The kind that contain the pricing per litre, KG etc. 18 can packet of coke is 13p per 100ml not bad. But look at 4 bottles (1.5l) and its 8p per 100ml. Again may not seem much especially if like us you very rarely buy it but for £2.50 less I get 60ml more. £2.50 and it’s pretty much same quantity.

Again depends on your life. Cans may be more convenient bottles tend to be a little flatter quicker but hey I’m only telling you to look closer.

Another option which I did mention last time is cans. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy multipack and something especially if there is an offer on it isn’t. Heinz often have offers on with their soups so it’s always good to go with a calculator, look at the labels closely too it’s often a trick to believe we’re getting more for our money when we can’t be bothered or don’t have time to work it out.

If you do online shopping the option to search by price low-high isn’t always great because you still need to check the prices out and often cheaper things are smaller packets and not better value at all.

Own brands are just as tasty and cheaper nearly every single time. Try it just once.

Now onto christmas. Like me you’ve probably seen all these christmas eve boxes and how lovely they look, or the plates then you see the price and you consider can I factor that in because they are good prices for the work but they are a price you have to budget into the whole cost. Well I plan to wrap an old shoe box for mine it works, makes it exciting to open still and best thing I spent nothing as the shoes that were bought weren’t mine and I already have wrapping paper I bought in the January sales.

Another example I saw these funky toothbrush holders which were small but at £3.99 I couldn’t help think for 2  don’t want to pay nearly £8. Out of curiosity I looked at the packet that had toothbrush included. Same price! So I bought them as it was better value for money.

Let us know your frugal tips!



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