Tree Skirt Completion


Following on from tree skirt tutorial we’re going to finish!

Laying your completed skirt on the base fabric smooth it all out and pin. You can alternative pin this with outer fabric facing up and bias bind the edges but I wanted to save cost so I didn’t. It’s a good idea to iron your seams flat to make this process easier.


At this stage your middle hole may look tiny don’t worry even if its the wrong size you can cut more off after it’s sewn.


Sew around the outside curve of the skirt starting from one opening edge ending at other. You can turn it round here or you can fold the straight edges under and sew before turning. Don’t forget to trim excess fabric and give it as good iron!

Now if you didn’t use bias binding to edge your skirt you need to edge the trunk hole (her hum sounds bit rude that one) I used cotton tape I had but you can use ribbon or small amounts of bias, as long as enough to have ties and edges. Double over and sew securing ends. Add 2 more sets down the straight edge.


You could go without ties and just sit it on the floor to look nice up to you. Here is the completed skirt it turned out way better than I thought it would as circles are never easy.


Doesn’t it look pretty?! perfect size too.



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