North Pole Breakfast!!

We’ve been doing elf on the shelf for about 2 years now but we’ve never had a special elf breakfast so this year we are! This is my plans because by time we do it maybe you’ll have done yours.

First stop I went to the poundshop. I bought 3 pack of bowls and one of plates plus a 3 bowl tray, paper straws and mini crackers. I have also collected jars and couple of glass bottles. Our table cloth will be laid and the elves in presence.


Hartleys fulfilled everyones elf food desire by releasing glitter jelly! This is perfect for north pole breakfasts and this is what the jars are for so the kids can see the glitter and they will look pretty on the table too. Click the picture for the food delight I plan to serve.


North Pole breakfast is all about eating things you wouldn’t normally but I’m a sucker for including healthy treats so heres my food list:

As the breakfast is a welcome back from the elves they will be bringing gifts in the form of chocolate advent calendar for kids and picture ones for adults, also christmas mugs for the kids as christmas isn’t complete without a christmas mug!


Throughout December we also have other activities and small cheap gifts to keep them busy. Again pound shops are great for these and if you don’t manage them all you can give the rest in their stocking or save till next year.

  • make your own crackers
  • painting decorations
  • fake snow
  • fake snowman
  • writing christmas cards
  • writing santa letter
  • christmas eve box: pjs, hot chocolate and a book to share.
  • making treats for the family dog
  • making christmas biscuits

Hope you like some of my easy, cheap ideas. We will see you next weekend when we will hold our breakfast and you can all meet our Elves.



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