How has your life changed?

The other night The Shroom household were talking about our different childhoods and what we do now we never did as a child and what our children get in comparison.

So here’s my list

  • I eat way more cake. I used to mostly want crisps as a child and we rarely had cake or nice puddings whereas my partner had cake more than me but never really had puddings not even fruit or yoghurt
  • My kids aren’t shouted at for stains on clothes it’s just dealt with and if is a school item replaced.. eventually. My partner had similar upbringing to the kids.
  • We rarely ate fruit that didn’t have sugar or cream loaded on top. On occasion we had fruit salad and I dreaded it. Now I eat fruit daily with no sugar or cream and the kids are encouraged constantly to eat it. None of this you need something healthy back in my day 😉
  • I ate my meals because if I didn’t I had no pudding and nothing else offered till the morning. Kids today seem to think no and complaining they’re hungry is their parents fault for not feeding them exactly what they want
  • I never ever complained about a meal if I didn’t like it I drank water every bite to stomach it because I knew how hard my parents worked to feed us
  • I played outside more than my kids even if I was cold I was outside and I entertained myself. I grew up with toys not computers. Big and Little Critter seem to think I’m their own private entertainer and if I’m not the tv or computer game has to do it.
  • I rarely said I was bored but suggest the kids do something other than watch tv and they’ve nothing to do.. hmm

So many chances and it’s nearly always to do with having stuff to own or do or eat. It’s crazy how much changes in your life and how other influence those changes that then become you’re own quirks.



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