Tree Skirt Tutorial

As usual I’m not giving you a pattern but more show you how to make your own! This is for a 8 segment wedge skirt.

The guide or size is no bigger than the widest part of your tree. Mine is 94cm so that’s the diameter of my circle.

As I wanted a template but didn’t have wide enough paper I drew a quarter of it.

Before we carry on this is the fabric I’m using. This is from Metre Rabbit who you can find on facebook too. I’ve been told will be quilting kits to buy soon complete with wadding and backing. These fabrics come in green too!


Freshly cut in need of an iron! I would suggest you iron before you cut this was after cutting when they were folded ready to sew in the week and I had lightbulb I need a picture moment.

Back to the drawing. Once you have your diameter half it and draw  a quarter circle. I drew a square 47 x 47cm then draw a circle from top corner to bottom. I did the tie string to a pencil trick. You then need to decide on the middle section it should only a little wider than trunk. I wanted my hole 10cm but to allow for 1cm lost from sewing I drew it 4cm. Once sewn with 1cm seam the half hole will be 5 cm makin whole holw 10cm. You still with me?


You could cut a full skirt rom what you have by folding your fabric in half twice and matching the straight edges with the folds but we want 8 wedges so next job is separate the circle. You could just cut it out then fold to get 2 wedges. But if you want to be mathematical you can work out circumference of whole circle (diameter x pi) and divide by 8. Do same for small hole (4x pi in my skirt) measure carefully and match up to draw the line.


I cut my circle slightly bigger so there’s no extra needed for seams at curved parts but you may wish to add extra to straight edges of wedges so when sewn it doesn’t end up smaller. However I didn’t.

I had 5 FQ’s to make this with scraps left to cut out a small doll quilt.


See you next time for the sewing part. Don’t forget you will need a backing the same size as circle and some ribbon for tying. Next job… Iron my pieces!


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