Bubble Dress Advice

Due to lack of pictures this is an experienced beginners advice blog.

I decided to make a small bubble dress and it was pretty difficult. I didn’t follow a  tutorial because I couldn’t find one but did come across help on how to cut my piece so I thought I’d share what I learnt.



When cutting you will need to add extra width to outer layer so when sewn you’ve more ‘puff’ but keep lining the  same as your chosen pattern. As long as the bodice section matches it will work.

Cut a separate bodice and skirt every time unless you use bias binding or enjoy tucking in edges at the neckline.

Cut your outer skirt longer than inner mine was 3 inch difference which seem to be the recommendation but uou could go more maybe up to 5 inches


This is where I learnt my biggest mistake in not having separate bodice to skirt for lining and this is result inside. Bias binded edging to hide the sewing.


Sew your outer and inner bodice together like a normal dress wrong sides together sewing at neckline and centre back. Turn to inside and either top stitch or iron flat. Sew up your sides. Teeny Version of bodice sewing.

Now you’d normally sew the sides and hem of skirt and attach it and lining to bodice at top. You won’t  do that here not yet. You need to put the lining and skirt right sides together at the hem.

Its a good time to sew up side seams or centre back if you cut skirt in one piece. Repeat for lining so you’ve 2 skirt tubes.

The lining will be shorter than skirt thats ok remember we cut it smaller. It will also be narrower too at least should be. You need to gather the HEM of your outer skirt to match inner then placing right sides together sew along hem.

Pop lining inside and match the unsewn edges you should see the bubble hem in effect at this point.

Continue with your dress s normal I made my outer skirt bigger so  I had to gather to match lining then sew onto the bodice. If you wish to have all seams hidden you can sew skirt onto outer bodice then tuck bodice lining edge under sew on by hand to hide the inner seam.

I added sleeves but you can leave it sleeveless by tucking up raw edges and top stitching.

Good luck. Why not add your tips below.



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